It has been reported that the average person makes or receives 8 mobile phone calls per day. That is roughly 2.4 billion phone calls across the 300 million mobile phone user in the U.S. The average mobile phone user in the U.S makes 250 phone calls per month or 3,000 phone calls per year.  With 300 million mobile phone users in the U.S., the number of mobile phone calls made per year is a staggering 900 billion!

Feature phones and smartphones fill the pockets and purses of men & women everywhere looking to connect with friends, family members or co-workers while on the go.  Would you like an easy way to quickly make a phone call without having to filter through hundreds of names and numbers in your address book? How about a virtual personal assistant?

Using voice recognition to call your contacts has never been easier (or safer!) when using Vlingo’s Virtual Assistant. Whether you are using an Android, BlackBerry, iPhone or Nokia device you can simply say “Call mom”, call Tommy mobile” or “call pizza” to instantly place a call to anyone in your address book or Vlingo’s infinite cloud-based address book.

Take a minute to download Vlingo and have your virtual assistant start calling!


    I’ve had it on my EVO 4G and now on my EVO 3D and it doesn’t work. I’ve been a Vlingo user for years and am completely dissatisfied.

    • TJ

      Very sorry to hear that. What seems to be the problem? The Evo is actually the most popular device for our Android app, so it should certainly be working for you.

    • Gregjmckenzie

      That’s interesting because vlingo has always worked on my EVO even with my Bluetooth..

  • Sarah Thee Campagna

    when I try to get vlingo to call someone from my contact list – it always does a websearch.  It’s enough to make me think about an iphone – in about 2 years when my samsung is paid for….

  • Curtis

    Calling contacts (sort of) works for me. It keeps getting names wrong. I’d like to train it, or set priority so my wife’s name get picked over someone I worked with 4 years ago. 

  • teejaycard

    It says that it can’t find contacts that I clearly have in my favorites list. It shows up in the app but when I say “call Zak” it says contact not found….. So I even go to name him “Bob” and it still says contact not found. Any help would be great or I’m uninstalling. Thanks. 

  • plkpl

    I don’t see an option where I can train Vlingo on how I pronounce some people from my contacts list. Lack of such option makes it UNUSABLE.