Do you live on Foursquare, Facebook and Twitter?  Well if you do (or even if you don’t), Vlingo has just made your life even easier!  Today we are excited to announce a new feature for Android users that allows you to speak to your phone to check in, connect with your friends, or shout out an update on foursquare.

Check out what execs at both Vlingo & foursquare have to say about the new partnership!

“Location and social networking have become an integral part of consumers’ everyday lives—so having a strategic alliance with foursquare to provide users with a simple, easy way to connect with their friends is a natural fit for Vlingo,” said Hadley Harris, VP of Marketing at Vlingo.

“”By making it easier for Android users to check in and communicate with friends through foursquare, Vlingo is broadening our consumer appeal,.” ,” said Holger Luedorf, VP of Mobile and Partnerships for foursquare.

So, how does it work?  Quite simply.  By just speaking into your Android device, you can use your voice to launch foursquare and:

  • Check in  to locations
    • Check in Hong Kong Express
    • Check into Logan Airport
  • Locate friends
    • Where are my friends?
    • Who’s nearby
  • Send shout outs
    • Shout headed to Fenway for the Sox game
    • foursquare shout at Starbucks grabbing a latte

Watch it here in action!

Think Vlingo and foursquare is great?  Well, now with Vlingo you can conveniently share Vlingo with their friends easily with the new “Share Vlingo” button.   Not to mention you can also update Facebook, Twitter and/or foursquare at the same time by just saying:

  • “social update Headed to Fenway for the Red Sox game!”

Vlingo is available for free on the Android Market.

Note to BlackBerry, iPhone and Nokia S60 users: -Vlingo plans to roll out this functionality to other Vlingo supported platforms in a future release.

Erin Keleher, Senior Marketing Communications Manager, Vlingo