Hello to the Wonderful World of Vlingo!

I like to think I’m a pretty cheery person.   I mean last year when my cat, Potato Chip, accidentally spilled my smoothie all over my new sweater do you think I bristled?   Of course not, people!   He didn’t do it on purpose – he was just trying to dig out that ball of yarn from my pocket.   Plus I never would have found Vlingo if it weren’t for good ole Potato Chip. We were at a Scrap Booking Club and he was cuddling with this cute little tabby.   I went over to snap a photo and noticed the tabby’s owner asking her phone to search for summer sausage recipes.   I knew I had to have that app.

Do I love using my virtual assistant?  Does Wisconsin make a darn good cheddar?  You betcha!  Be sure to check out my video to see all the ways Vlingo makes me smile!

Stay Positive,
Ms P

  • Realjazz2

    vlingo shuts down on Samsung Galaxy III when incar mode is engaged. We have 2 Galaxys and this is the case with both. Worked fine on our EVOs but not with Galaxy. Whats up Vlingo/Nuance???

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dan-Andrews/580951657 Dan Andrews

    I just purchased an LG C195 which has a proprietary OS. My Samsung Galaxy is broken. Will I be able to install vilingo on this new phone? I really miss it.