Calling on International Beta Testers!

We know that many of you have been asking for new languages – well the time has come!  We are making a new beta on Vlingo for BlackBerry for French, German, Italian and Spanish. Very exciting, but we need your help to make sure we launch the best possible product.

What We Need?

  • People who are native French, German, Italian and Spanish speakers
  • It’s okay if you were born somewhere else, or if you live somewhere else now as long as you’re fluent

How You Can Help?

  • Visit the AppWorld link below from your mobile device to download the beta

Download the Beta at AppWorld

  • After that, just use Vlingo…
    • By using text, email, web search, social updates and more you help Vlingo create more accurate voice-to-text applications
    • By using SafeReader, you help us read messages naturally in your native language

What’s In It For You?

  • FREE usage of our paid features for the duration of the beta
  • Eternal appreciation from your buddies at Vlingo
  • Tell your friends and earn their thanks for helping bring Vlingo to your language

Please Read!

  • SafeReader plays new messages and calendar event reminders as they arrive.
  • To stop playing the current message, press the red END key.
  • To stop playing all messages say, “Stop SafeReader.”
  • To view more options go to Menu->Options

For the BETA: SafeReader will temporarily collect message and event reminders to help us tune our system.   If you do not want this data collected please turn off the feature and do not use it.

Thanks in advance for any help you can spare.  We look forward to bringing awesome new languages to our BlackBerry application!

The Vlingo Team

  • pedro melero

    As soon as you publish a beta for android, I will be willing to help as much as I can.

    Great job!

    Best regards,

  • pedro melero

    I forgot to mention that I am looking forward to having the Spanish (for spain) version.

  • Ricardo Ranal

    When beta android app will be available, I’ll be ready for tests.

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  • Tom

    Hi there!

    Any chance for latvian language? I am sure that It is simpler than german!

    I am now planning to get the new HTC desire HD, so I would like to help bring it to Latvian as well.

    Is it possible? how can I help?

    • TJ

      One step at a time, although we appreciate the offer. We’ll let everyone know as we expand to new languages. Best bet is to follow us on Twitter @Vlingo or for the updates.

  • Giuseppe

    I look forward to help with the German language on Android.
    I loved it on symbian…

  • Ste

    All italian Android user’s are waiting for your transation! You’re doing an awesome work! Keep on rocking!

    • TJ

      Sweet. Thanks. We really appreciate it. It’s not easy to adapt to new languages. So we essentially have to build our language models from scratch with each new one. We’re churning them out as quickly as we can, while still maintaining our standards of accuracy and speed. Thanks for following us, though. We’ll let you know as these get rolled out. Cheers!

  • Ron

    Very good app for saver driving..!

    I hope you wil plan the Dutch language too. It’s spoken in many country’s like Belgium, Curacao, Aruba, South Africa, Indonesia and the Netherlands.

  • A Crane

    Seems to work fine – when I can get it to work. I have a BB Torch 9800, but the convenience key seldom opens Vlingo. Every now and then it does. Has anyone had a similar experience?

  • A Crane

    Seems to work fine – when I can get it to work. I have a BB Torch 9800, but the convenience key seldom opens Vlingo. Every now and then it does. Has anyone had a similar experience?

    • TJ

      Hey there. Sorry you’re having trouble. On our support site,, we have FAQ to help answer most of your questions. If you have one you don’t see in there, you can open a support ticket and our team will get back to you to help troubleshoot. Check it out, and hopefully we can get that side key working 100%.

  • Luis

    i’d like to know if after the beta period ends all this languages will be added to the english version or will keep being a sepparate version.

    I’d love to have both english and spanish in the same version.

  • Aurelia Pradel

    Hello I possess N97 and I installed the beta version in French, but no French in the languages!
    It is very it’s a pity for us other because the i phone already possesses a software as that this in French version!
    Has when the version in French?

    • TJ

      Stay tuned, Aureilia. I can’t offer up exact dates, but I can tell you that French will be here very soon for Nokia.

  • ItsMeReneeee

    It’s a pitty the Dutch language is left out. Demographically that would be the smart thing to do. Lot’s of willing testers in the Netherlands for you! So if you decide to support Dutch, I’ll be the first in line to help! So please!!!!!!

    • ItsMeRenee

      Sorry.. .. would NOT be the smart thing to do!!!

  • rent a car

    Wooww.. Very good!

  • Funkmasterroch

    Pleeeeeease publish it in German for android…

    • TJ

      You won’t have to wait too much longer. Thanks for staying patient.

  • Agnes

    Is the Chinese language on the road map? When will iPhone get the Beta?

  • Schoefs Marvin

    waiting for dutch!!

  • Fernando

    Portuguese, Please!
    Brazilian accent.

  • Aaaa

    dutch language plz

  • klaus357

    we hope the italian language soon..

  • Fidalgos

    I have the new Samsung Galaxy S II i9100 and the Vlingo is part off Samsung apps.
    Because I’m portuguese (many people speak PT in the world)… My request for Vlingo on Android is the PT/PT language.

    Thanks in advance for your attention!

  • Vadilee

    i am vadi lee. i want to read my TAMIL language in my Blackberry phone,
    i hope it will be get soon in Blackberry…

  • Grizzlyb

    Plz make Dutch available.

  • Cb Beekhuyzen

    Yes please also dutch

  • Pam Traducao

    please, brazilian portuguese for this one!!! 

  • Terence_meijer

    please dutch!

  • Sjors Besseling

    Please make a Dutch version.

  • Sjors Besseling

    Please make a Dutch version.

  • Michael

    Please danish

  • F Kuppers

    The dutch people will show you

  • Richie

    Please make vlingo available in dutch

  • Djeunit_dje

    why not portugues language ?………….

  • us1111

    Please add dutch! We all would like to help 🙂

  • Marcoeikholt

    Dutch please

  • Jack

    Please Dutch version too!!

  • Tiago Lopes

    Portuguese (Portugal) version please.


  • Marco

    Yes i’ve BB 9105 and i’m italian 🙂

  • Jordy van den Berg

    please add dutch !

  • Cem Topuz

    Hı from Turkey:) Turkish version please:)

  • Marcelo

    Please PORTUGUESE-BR version.

  • Ramon Bakker

    I’m waiting for the Dutch version!

  • Laramaviper

    One of most spoke languages in the world was missing (Portuguese or Portuguese-Brazilian). Please Vingo Team, that should be the next add-on.

  • Zoltán Arnóczky

    Please support Hungarian language. I love your app, it’s best of the market! But also I wanna use my native language 😉 Can I help you, by the way?

  • Patrick Weissinger

    Whe do you update some languages for the iPhona app?

  • Gabrieljstavares

    Portuguese versionn.. pleaseeeee!!!

  • Aqua3d

    Greek language please!

  • GCA

    Portuguese, please!

  • Matthias

    Please make a beta for Dutch, i’m sure there are many volunteers prepared to get Vlingo in Dutch.

  • Thijs N

    Please make the dutch language available. Thank you

  • Miguel

    Portuguese please! The 7th language with most native speakers!

    • kata72

      Nao e a setima mas sim a 5 lingua mais falada no mundo….sao quase 350 milhoes….cumps.

  • Laspasc

    Put Greek in the list too! Volunteers here! 🙂

  • Pieter paping

     With compliments from BB!! no dutch version!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Evan’ Myller

    I’d be all in to test a portuguese version. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    portuguese! is the 6th language in the world and we can just use vlingo IN ENGLISH to do the commands, but not to talk an email.shame on you!

  • Anonymous


  • Quintin145

    cant wait for DUTCH VERSION

  • Ryan

    Please make it dutch also

  • A_salado


  • Marceljales


  • Frodo Baggins

    A dutch version would be great, the Netherlands is one of the countries with the most blackberry users, so a big market! On my school one of the 3 people has a blackberry smarthphone

  • Arjen Klaverstijn

    I think I’m not the first, but a dutch version would be a great step for Vlingo!

  • Hessel Offringa

    I would like a Dutch edition on iPhone and am available for beta-testing!

  • Thoa

    there are an estimated 28.000.000 Dutch speakers… so. thank you

  • Lipedf

    Portuguese Brazilian pleeasse!!!

  • RV

    what about an iPhone french version, there are so much more iPhones than blackberries on the market

  • André

    Portuguese (Portugal) would be great

  • Luiz

    C’mon….Portuguese….almost 200million people arround the world!

  • José Robson Venturim

    We are waiting for the Portuguese version (PT-BR), the 6th largest economy in the world speak Portuguese, but Vlingo has not.

  • Elemiet

    Please, do not forget the Dutch Language.
    I am following vlingo for a year, and hope so that there come a dutch version.
    Because the vlingo app is a GREAT app.

  • Cuanto lo Siento

     would love an norwegean version.

  • Paulo Lopes

    we need portuguese from Portugal

  • Me

    Br Portuguese!

  • Anthony Accioly

    One more for portuguese (PT-BR and PT-PT)

  • Mario

    Brazilian Portuguese, Please! There are a lot of people that speak Portuguese in the world.

  • Pjlopes

    portuguese for europe and brazilian wil be great tanks

  • Jedson Costa

    Em Português por favor… Posso oferecer qualquer ajuda para melhorar a qualidade desse excelente software.

  • Frederico

    Portuguese (Portugal) please!! 200M speakers around the world!

  • Tico


  • Djairaraujo

    Please add portuguese (Brazil)

  • Bug4loo

    waiting for Brazilian Portuguese some day.

  • kRz

    Please add polish language to this amazing app 🙂

  • Peggy van den Berg

    Still waiting for a dutch translation…

  • Globus531

    when polish

  • Chris Præst

    If you guys need it, I would do the danish voices for you 🙂

  • kata72

    Portuguese is the 5th more talk language in the world…that s unforgivable

  • Marco

    Hi, any update on having a Dutch version? Would love to beta test for you!

  • Maarten

    Yes indeed…Dutch please!

  • Piet

    Dutch please

  • Pride_visions

    DUTCH aswell please !!! 😀

  • Christopher

    Please add polish language

  • zobat

    please make a dutch version

  • Denis94

    Please add polish language! 🙂

  • mido elzhar

    Please make vlingo available in arabic

  • efbill

    greek please !

  • Iran

    Hi I am irani…why vlingo not support language persian? !! Plz help me and my friends. ..all buy Galaxy S III ….I am irani :'(