Hey Android Users!!

Ever been guilty of texting while driving (TWD)? Ever had to fumble trying to find directions?  Well we are excited to  announce “Vlingo InCar,” the first and only completely hands free solution that allows you to send and respond to messages, make calls, and get directions while driving. Check out pieces of our press release below.

Vlingo InCar offers:

  • Voice-driven, hands free initiation – Vlingo enters listening mode upon Bluetooth® connectivity
  • Voice driven, hands free initiation using a “wake up word”
  • Conversational user guidance instead of a touch screen
  • Ability to send and respond to messages, make calls and get directions using only voice commands

“Vlingo InCar was a natural extension of Vlingo’s functionality so that users can now have an alternative, hands free way to communicate when they need to respond to an urgent message,” said Dave Grannan, president and CEO at Vlingo.  “Although 30 states presently have full or partial bans on texting while driving (TWD), data from Vlingo’s Texting While Driving in America 2010 Report shows that 35% of those surveyed still continue to TWD. Legislative action is an important step but clearly laws are not enough, we are going to need technology solutions.”

“Sprint firmly believes in helping wireless consumers combat texting while driving with engaging educational tools and innovative products that assist them in drastically changing this dangerous behavior,” said Ralph Reid, Sprint vice president for corporate social responsibility. “With Vlingo’s hands-free application on the Android Market, drivers are able to keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel, and Sprint is pleased to support Vlingo InCar as an application for its wireless customers. “

Availability, Compatibility and Price
Vlingo is available free of charge for Android 2.1, and above. Note Vlingo InCar beta is exclusively available on the Sprint Now Network and is optimized for the HTC Evo and other Android 2.2 devices.  To see when Vlingo InCar will be available for your U.S. carrier wireless carrier, click here.   U.S. users can download Vlingo on device from the Android Market for free.  Watch Vlingo InCar in action

  • Jessica

    My android market is not finding the app

  • Bridic

    Looks very promising. Can’t wait to give is a InCar test drive.

  • Kema

    I downloaded it n tested it. It’s cool and it understood what I said the first time. It’s a keeper.

  • Kara

    I already have Vlingo and I’m on Sprint… is this an automatic update or is there something else to download? If it’s a new download, where do I get it?

  • Kara

    Nevermind, I think I found it.

  • Louie

    I have not stopped playing with this application since I got it. Way better than the last version. Understood me 8 out of 10 times. I have asked it all types of questions and it always gives me a proper response.

  • soberjon

    my findings/bugs in regards to you in Vlingo in car application. i really like the concept, but i have a couple of things i’d like you to know. maybe i can help.

    1. when my Bluetooth and evo lose connection, the evo reboots. this happens when i turn my JabraBT visor appliance off, or even when i get out of BT range the evo reboots.

    2. the microphone sensitivity. when in my car engine on, radio off and i want to say a command, your microphone icon is at maximum, in other words it stays red, so it never recognizes my speech. even in my office with a radio on real quiet, the “speech meter” still jumps un into the red, and i haven’t even spoke yet.

  • Oscar G

    The Vlingo InCar app is by far the best car dashboard app out there, unfortunately it is still in need of development. The InCar part of the Vlingo app crashes almost every time I use it and Bluetooth gets disconnected. If the bugs get fixed, this app is my hands down choice for a car dashboard. Please fix the bugs so I can put this app back on my phone. Until then, no dice.

  • Greg

    I love the idea behind this new version but am having some issues. HTC EVO and Jawbone Icon Bluetooth Earpiece. Vlingo is not hearing my commands through the blueblutooth. When bluetooth disconnects, the EVO reboots. Please keep hard at work cause this will ROCK when it goes well.

  • jasmine

    HTC EVO Bluetooth Earpiece Vlingo is not hearing my commands through the blueblutooth. When bluetooth disconnects. How can I fix this problem or do I need to buy a bluetooth that is compatible with Vlingo?

    • Davemerk68

      I agree…i have the a2dp headset and can hear vlingo on the earpiece, but spoken commands only go through the phone. If the phone knows you have bluetooth on, then vlingo should allow your bluetooth mic to hear your voice. This would drastically improve recognition in a noisy car.

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  • Brent J. Nordquist

    Thanks for the promising app! I’ve been using it today in the car; a lot of fun and works pretty well. Feedback:

    1. I am also having the rebooting problem mentioned above, using a Bluetooth headset with my Sprint Evo 4G. This one is a pretty critical bug.

    2. With InCar, when I tell it to text someone that has both a home and a mobile number in my contacts, it sends the text message to their home number — even though the home number is clearly marked “Home” and the mobile number is marked as the default action. Saying “mobile” or “cell” after their name doesn’t seem to prevent this.

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  • Adam

    Probably the best input device since I fell in love with Swype. I originally had a hacked version for my Touch Pro2 with ATT. Since then moved over to Sprint where I now have 4g on my Epic and very happy its incredible speed. But back to this app. It truly is a life saver. I hate driving and texting but have found myself doing it by accident since I always have my nose in the darn thing to begin with. This app has kept me from doing this as much. Kudos to such a great product.

  • mac

    vlingo crashed on my EVO using blueant q2 when connection is lost. Crashes my phone if I turn off the bluetooth device or on the phone. Sometimes it just crashes for no reason. Uninstalled vlingo and phone hasn’t crashed since. vlingo also does not hear my voice when I’m in the vehicle. This is where I thought it was supposed to work?

  • Paul

    Love the app so far. There are some things that it doesn’t understand well… but hey, it’s not a voice recorder/forwarder… it is translating audio to text and back. We only use the incar feature and are finding that it would be nice to be able to have a unique wake up command or to at least have it recognize my voice… my wife and I use it and at times her phone hears my “Hey Vlingo” and tries to act. Unique WUC would allow us to customize our app and prevent mistakes. Sadly, like so many apps… the battery gets killed by the app on all the time. Would be nive to kill amazon and others to save where I can, but cant’ do so without rooting and I don’t want an EVO brick!

  • Tim

    Any plans for making this available to Canadian carriers?

  • Michael

    Is there a way to make all Vlingo InCar calls use speakerphone by default? or is there a spoken command that will make it use speakerphone?

  • Sophia

    My htc EVO is also restarting every time my bluetooth and phone lose connection. I love Vlingo but this is a majorly annoying bug.

  • Ash

    HTC Incredible restarts every time vlingo disconnects from bluetooth and comes off of InCar mode. Please fix!

  • Ash

    Also does not recognize when I’m done speaking commands in InCar mode connected to the car’s bluetooth system (other than “Hey Vlingo!”) .

  • Karen

    Same problem with the EVO restarting every time it loses connection with the bluetooth. Loved the program until that happened! Unistalled for now.

  • Jimi

    Boy I love this app! I just have to uninstall it for now because it is rebooting my Evo anytime I disconnect my blueant T1 bluetooth. Please fix it as soon as possible and let me know when you have so I can re-install.

  • Ryan

    So far I’m very impressed with the app. I even use the InCar feature while the phone is on the table next to to bed at night. I don’t use Bluetooth, so it would be great to be able to have the option of starting a call in speaker mode. My wife has also installed the application so we do have both phones respond when we give the wake up command. Being able to customize the wake up would be huge!

    Thanks for developing a great application. I’m looking forward to seeing what new features you incorporate.

  • Stephan

    I would definitely love customized wakeup commands. Shouldn’t that be easily implemented by using its own text-to-speech module? It would also decrease the amount of accidental wakeups of other people’s phones…

    I only just started using it, but multi-language support would be nice as well. Especially name recognition would become a lot better when Dutch pronunciation were handled correctly.

  • Thiel

    Great App but my EVO reboots when my jawbone icon bluetooth disconnects. Just like mentioned by a few people above. This app would rock when this issue is resolved.

  • http://Www.claritech.ca Dan Frederick

    Has anyone successfully used Incar with Bluetooth? I agree that the app is very promising, but with the bluetooth crashes it is completely unusable. If anyone has had success with one of the sanctioned hands free devices it might be worth considering. Until then, it’ll have to remain on the shelf.

  • Geo

    Complete system crash when shutting off or losing BT connection. HTC Incredible w Froyo 2.2 and BlueAnt T1

    • Rwilson

      I have a similar issue with Incredible 2.2 with blueant t1. The t1 willstay connected, but no caller voice after answer. Then the system will reboot.

  • Bob

    I installed this on my Evo 4G with rooted Froyo 2.2 and imediatly my car bluetooth stopped working with my phone. Evo was flawless with me car prior to this. No matter what I tried no success. even worse after I un-installed Vlingo, I can not get my phone to consistently work with my car’s bluetooth. I have tried everything! Vlingo did something to my phone’s bluetooth that I have been unable to undo, leaving me with an unreliable car-phone bluetooth connections.

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  • http://tpo.net tpo

    Hello! I paid for the full version for my iphone, but am moving from iphone to the HTC evo… am I able to move my license over, or will I need to buy the app again?

    Tom O’Halloran

  • Vladimir

    How can I setup vLingo to announce SMS only via Headset – not via speakerphone.

    If I forget to shut down vLingo – it may start anouncing using speaker at inappropriate time.

    • Kajohnnyd

      Why are the messages read through the phone speaker and not the Bluetooth headset? This is a major drawback in my opinion. If there is a setting I’m overlookingplease advise.

  • Jsb2000

    Still don’t see many of the bluetooth issues being addressed. Will they ever be resolved? EVO 4G still reboots following bluetooth disconnect. Vlingo is installed, so may be an issue with that, but regardless this needs to be addressed.

  • Bob

    Great app! I run it on an Evo 2.2 and I have a couple of bugs/suggestions to report for InCar:
    1. If I rotate the Evo counterclockwise, the screen rotates fine and other screens after pressing buttons or speak commands are good. But, if I rotate Evo clockwise, the InCar home screen rotates fine, but when I either hit a screen button or say a command, the next screens are upside down, like rotated for a counterclockwise orientation.
    2. After leaving the InCar home screen to do something else, navigation for example, it would be nice if Vlingo was still listening for the wake up command in the background. I don’t even know if that is possible. To use Vlingo again, I have to manually back out of the navigation. Not exactly hands-free.

    • MarcusJ

      #1 is still a problem. really wish I could find a solution.

  • http://www.havalimanirentacar.com/ rent a car

    Very nice phone..)

  • Gregaudio

    Just wanted to say that there is a bug in the current Vlingo InCar app for Android. When you have your phone in Landscape mode with your Menu buttons on the LEFT side… the InCar screen goes upside down when you swipe to the left page of options, where Bluetooth is.

    Also if I select “Navigate”, the page that comes up is also upside down.

    The only solution I’ve found is to turn my phone the other direction so the menu buttons are on the Right side. BUT this isn’t ideal in my car because of how my Seidio Cardock power cable works.

    • http://blog.vlingo.com TJ

      Appreciate the feedback. We’ll add this into our list of improvements for the next release of InCar. Thanks very much.

  • Tnc5373

    Not sure this is true. Bought the app and cannot figure out how to get it to SMS to voice while I am driving, or sitting in an offer for that matter. It doesn’t work.

    • http://blog.vlingo.com TJ

      Sorry for the confusion, but InCar is only available on Android, which is free on Market. Android is our beta/innovation platform. We generally release new features there, fine tune them, and then roll them out to our other platforms.

  • Tnc5373

    If it does not convert an SMS to voice while you are driving, why bother with Vlingo?

    • http://blog.vlingo.com TJ

      It does! InCar reads your incoming SMS messages aloud and then gives you the opportunity to reply. No eyes, no hands. Just your voice.

  • Jakewoodblues

    This is potentially a fantastic app, but I see that my issue is a known issue. I have an Evo, and although you say this is optomized for my phone, whenever I use my bluetooth, my phone reboots. I see this was mentioned at least 2 months ago. WHat’s been done to fix it? When will we se a fix? I’d like to be able to use this.

  • Adi Graham

    Hi when will this be released for the Iphone?

  • Scott26

    Great App… But it doesn’t recognize the command “Open Pandora”… instead it wants to open the web and search for it.

  • Robertkerr52

    when will it be available in Australia

  • DLO

    Looks very cool but for some reason can’t seem to get it to work correctly in my car. It is connected to my bluetooth but somehow does not react correctly. IT does not seem to interact correctly with my bluetooth/navigation system. Drive 08 Acura TL. Anyone have an ideas on this?

  • N2imagination

    Ok I need a bit of advice. I love the vlingo app and its accuracy and have been using it since 1st beta and paid for it when it was still a paid app but I’m having an issue that is really annoying. I connect to my car stereo via Bluetooth for my audio playback but do not use it for phone so I uncheck the phone bt opt for my stereo in settings. The problem is that when I am connected to bt stereo vlingo will not respond to mic input. It will just show the vlingo input area with a bt symbol and a red bar through the area. Google voice input will just pause the stereo audio, accept the voice input and then resume stereo audio after the text translation.

  • CS

    I have the Vlingo InCar Beta. This software seems cool… except it crashes a lot and there is a three second delay between the time it asks me to say something and it starts listening, which drives me crazy. And it keeps insisting that I chose between four contacts for my wife, all of which has the exact same phone number. And it seems to only recognize one direction as down when I’m holding the phone sideways. And on the Galaxy in car mode when it’s attached to the dock, when someone rings me and I answer on bluetooth, the phone defaults to speakerphone and won’t let me turn the headset on (only when I set Vlingo InCar as default). They need to work out the bugs—then it’ll be a great app.

  • Lloyd

    android 2.3 gingerbread is already out there and up to this date Vlingo is still crashing.
    i havent seen any new updates from Vlingo in the market yet, so lets keep waiting a little bit longer or until a newer app comes out.

    the best of Vlingo is that it’s free and makes it very appealing. the idea is good but the performance is not quite there yet.

    my phone is a HTC Evo.

  • Sookie

    Hi, why it was not available in Android market here in UAE.
    It was there and have tried it before, but now of was no longer in the market 🙁
    Please return it, please.
    I enjoyed using the Vlingo in car, very useful together with the safe reader.
    Pls please…
    Thank you in advance 🙂
    Hope to see it in UAE Android Market soon!

  • Nylox

    Vlingo has been by far the best app I have ever used.  I rarely used the voice feature until I downloaded Vlingo and discovered how useful it was while on the road and learned how to use it’s many great features.

    Recently since the Gingerbread 2.3 update to the HTC Evo it no longer works while on the road.  It still works great in the office or in a quiet environment but who needs it then?  I realize that the 2.3 update is what is broken and not Vlingo.  The 2.3 update cause the microphone to be hyper sensitive and any background noise now completely screws up the voice input and neither Google search nor Vlingo work properly.  It would be great to offer a microphone sensitivity option in the settings if possible.  I can’t find a single app on the market that actually adjusts mic sensitivity (on the phone) but I do notice that my phone has the option to use google or vlingo for voice input in the settings menu.  Unfortunately both Google or Vlingo no longer work while on the road. If Vlingo could offer a mic imput adjustment it would at least be a working option.  I truly miss using Vlingo and hope for an update either with Android 2.3 or Vlingo as a work around fix for this issue.  Even if the hyper sensitive mic wasn’t an issue it would be a great option for people to have the option to customize the mic to their particular environments.  Some vehicles are just simply loud and no voice input will work.  Mine worked fantastic in all of my vehicles until the 2.3 update.  🙁

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=40705411 Steven Solares

    how long till incar reaches iphone?

  • Pete

    Maybe I just haven’t “scratched” hard enough but will this work with GTalk, Yahoo!, etc?  My text message plan is pretty lightweight and most of my contacts use these too.

  • Tzmjones

    I would like to be able to increase the Vlingo dictionary by typing in entries.  As in many places, we have lots of local place names that can not be found in a dictionary and Vlingo sometimes makes some pretty entertaining (but potentially embarrassing) attempts to match them to known words.  I have tried spelling the place names for Vlingo Incar, but have problems with it hearing my spoken soft consonant sounds like “s” and “h”. 

  • Michael

    Need a totally hands free app. When using incar and you ask to search it asks if it OK to leave app. You cannot respond by just saying OK or CANCEL. Also, I have not been able to have it complete and action and then wake it up again. Once it leaves you have to use your hands again to restart. Good app but not ready for hands-free prime time.

    • Tkanderso

      Totally agree. App needs a config to stay running in the background so you can wake it up regardless of what you are doing. Assumption is my car charger will stay ahead of any battery drain. Integration with calendar and location services similar to SIRI I am sure will be forthcoming. Bluetooth integration so I do not need to use my 3mm jack would be great also.

  • Dave

    The names Kim and Tim don’t work together. When I say text Tim it always goes to Kim.
    Changing Kim’s name to Kimberly did not help. I had to change Tim’s name to something else. Otherwise works good on LG Votex

  • Nflove2004

    i have the Iphone4s new one that just came out will this work with it

  • Raymond Weemes

    I have played with this and I don’t hear anything in my headset. All activity responses etc… are played from the phone. Is this normal? It shouldn’t be, but I want to ask and trouble shoot more before I complain about anything. Otherwise a great app so far!

  • Trevor

    Ever since the updates to 3.x the listen function does not work. I have tried all the updates up to 3.3 and still have to restore to get the listen function to work.

    As an aside it would be nice to be able to set the wake up command to something other than  hey vlingo

  • Howard Rabb

    A neat app, I paid the two bucks to remove ads but I’m unhappy with the screen orientation bug.  Half the time Vlingo is upside down. 

  • shelly

    NEVER works for me – will not connect to bluetooth in car and when I use the device (Samsung Galaxy S2) it rarely does what I ask it to do.  what’s up?  would love to have it work.

  • Sbstorey

    i have a samsung galaxy s2 – cannot get any voice command to go over my BT system in the car.  At least the iphone worked for called my contacts with the BT but not the galaxy.  Any answers from anyone?  Vlingo has no answer for me and neither does Samsung

  • Melvintkw

    When does the InCar feature be on iPhone?Can’t wait to try it

  • Poggers

    Plantronics Discovery 975 with Motorola Defy MB525. FW 2.2.2.
    Long press starts InCar, speech is beautifully recognised and acted upon, however all vlingo audio is routed to the Defys internal speakerphone.Please route audio to the bluetooth headset, not the speakerphone.

  • 99percent

    Need a fix so we can run on 2.3.

  • MoNek

    Had many problems with VLINGO (Samsung Galaxy S II LTE), I had to unistall it,

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  • Insyter

    Please give option to keep voice activation in background.

  • Anonymous

    iPhone (InCar) app?  Please?

  • Murphygreen8484

    Why are there no comments from Vlingo addressing the recurring themes here? Like lack of messages being read through blue-tooth?

    • JoeMule1

      I need this answered as well. I have the Jawbone ERA and got it just to use with Vlingo (Full Version). When will this be addressed?

  • prabhakar sharma

    vlingo really needs a basic fix….. when going in car mode and u have handfree connected i would like all the prompts to be heard in handsfree and not through speaker….. if this can be done then u are the best app in market … else u are as good as any other application..

    • Lgreg64


  • Hercules411us

    Vlingo used to work fine on my 2.2 droid in concert with my bluetooth headset. But now when I push the button on my headset, the Bluetooth Voice Dialer screen pops up instead of Vlingo InCar asking me ‘What would you like to do?”, I hear “Speak now”.

  • Firebored

    I had the paid app $19.99, on my BB 9700 (glad I am not having to pay again). Vllingo was flawless at reading through this identical Bluetooth headset. The whole reason I had the app was so no one knew I was getting texts and I could leave my phone on silent and determined if a text was worth responding to. The added benefit of hands free receipt in the car was icing on the cake. The voice to text feature never worked as well as the Evo, so I gave up using that feature on the BB, I look forward to it actually working now . Please give this the immediate functionality that I had before, it shouldn’t have been released without it!

  • Anonymous

    i hope this helps some of you and that vlingo reads this. on my search for a new phone to upgrade too. i picked an andriod over an iphone. not anything more then that vlingo for apple does not support or work hands free!! my mother in law had an andriod with vlingo that has vlingo in car. which was what i found better then siri. on the simple fact that it can be activated by saying hey vlingo! no hands and it set up hears what im saying and then lets me do thing hands free. so i settled on a samsung infuse!! love it more then any iphone. not that iphones are bad just not nearly as customizable and the apps they make for andriod i find do more. i had a 3gs for 2years and so did my wife,and parents all have 4s or iphone.   ok so now to let you knw my exp.
       the one major problem with in car is recognizing what i say. not in my voice itself but in the fact you need to speak into your phones mic to wake it up. hey vlingo hey vlingo hhhhheeeyyy vlingo.   works awsome if you hold your phone up to your mouth and talk.  but hooked up to a bluetooth its tough sometimes.   what i have read here is it only reads through your phone and not your bluetooth. the answer to this is because you have a non ad2p bluetooth.
     at least on my phone where you see your bluetooth device listed on  your phone you can hold the title of your bluetooth device down and you will see a menu pop up that options click that and you will see 2 checkmarks to select one is play phone sounds through bluetooth and other play media through bluetooth. on later your responses will come through the bluetooth not your phone. 
         now this leads me to this.. i tried what vlingo said would work a jabra cruiser one and also jabra cruiser 2.  what i found is once you say hey vlingo through your phones mic it then next listens on your bluetooths mic and you can say your text or dial a number but once that finishes your bluetooth kills the phones mic and when its time to say hey vlingo again it hangs up most of the time and i have to get out then back in. and it will work again.   the workaround and only bluetooth i have found to work is a blueant s4.  now this time if it hangs up i can tell the bluetooth handsfree program thats built in to the s4. hey blueant speak to me it ask me for a command. i tell it phone commands and then it opens up vlingo or if i am on the first screen will allow me to say hey vlingo. then proceed.  i have found it best to turn on vlingo ahead of time make sure it says vlingo in car though  your bluetooth so you know is working right then just use it normally. and its pretty great. not purfect but thats were vlingo needs to work on the app itself i found more so then the blueant s4.  recommend blueant s4 to everyone who is looking for a bluetooth for your vlingo in car!!!

    fixes i see that need to be adressed.
    one is app asking to agree and not saving settings like it reinstalls itself each time i turn phone on and off.  might just be that it is installed on my sd card and not my phone. playing with issue to figure it out.

    fix 2 is that your able to say like a command to say something like standby. so that if i have say pandora running get an ich to text will puase my music then listen to me then not come back on cause its listening still. i could see hitting the bluetooth button to get ready to make a phone call or something. voice your action then hit bluetooth button again to resume music. with devises clipped to visor this works great.   i will add this i have an otterbox case that came with phone visor clip i can use vlingo in car see its nice big display and hit those buttons pretty well to do this but i dont know if this is the best option yet.

    also if you have a aux wire pluged into my radio you cant wake up vlingo cause mic is turned off i guess while your connected to radio. would love to listen to music on phone and having charging and still turn down radio either touch my bluetooth button then say hey vlingo and go on. often what happens is people respond and all that.

    sorry for painful read and poor spelling. im a talker not a typer lol.

    lovee vlingooo. would love to work with vlingo to improve there lifesaving app!!!

  • Vlad

    I have a galaxy s2. Vlingo works fine, except when I connect it to the Galaxy s2 car dock. Then the interface from vlingo appears, and keeps asking “what would you like to do” over and over until I stop the application. Help!

  • Land_shark067

    I love the vlingo driving function and wanted to give feedback on it since its still beta. i wish it was a shorter time between when it ask you a question and when it beeps to start listening, i always start taking then it beeps. Also when i make a call it doesnt automatically turn on speaker phone. maybe have a setting that you can set to whether when it starts a call it turns on speaker phone.

    • http://blog.vlingo.com TJ

      Great feedback – thanks so much for taking the time to share. We actually have the speaker phone suggestion you make working on Voice Talk, which is the solution we built in partnership with Samsung for the Galaxy S2. So we will likely be incorporating that into our own app very soon.

  • taylor66

    hi i have a lg revolution …on verizon and vilingo will not talk with text mesages  any one else have this problem ?

  • Brent

    It doesn’t work over the bluetooth connection in my 2011 VW golf so the InCar function is not really useable. The phone is a Galaxy Nexus on Verizon. 

  • Jimmylee1977

    Will Vlingo in car be available for IPhone?

  • Patty

    Will Vlingo go into car mode on my I Phone

  • Des_1277

    Used Vlingo for a while on my Zio and LOVED it! But about 2 updates ago it would randomly drop the bluetooth mic. Output was still routed to the headset but the mic would switch to the phones internal mic. Tried with Plantronic and Jawbone sets.
    Updated my phone last week to an HTC EVO Design 4g, installed Vlingo and the exact same issue occurs, with the two different headsets. Have decided to uninstall.

  • Marc Dufour

    My LG headset will no longer “speak back” the prompts. Everything is going through the phone’s speaker. Phone is a Samsung Galaxy S2.
    This used to work. Now it does not. was there an update that broke something?

  • Steve

    Unfortunately, if a contact has a home and mobile number, it will often send a text to the home number in car mode. Surely it would be better to default to the mobile number if it doesn’t ask which number to use?

  • Michael Weisburgh

    I want this for the iphone

  • Travisyzf450

    Is vlingo in car and safereader mode available in the vlingo app for iPhone? It it is can some one please help me get it turned on!! Thanks

  • Guest

    Does’t send the audio through blue tooth? Really. Pretty stupid app pretending to be a handsfree car phone. Duh.

  • Lgreg64

    please have your in car use the Bluetooth speaker when reading things back. while driving i cannot hear the phones speaker. this would be a big improvement to a great app.

    • Kewj2448

      I totally agree with this statement. It would be so much easier and better to not have the need to pull my phone out of my pocket while driving. And on top of that, getting pulled over by a cop and them seeing a phone out may cause some issues with the laws!

  • jstu

    I agree, good app but would be great if it would use the handsfree speaker and mic. Using the phones speaker and mic while driving just doesn’t cut it!

  • Yamit613

    VLINGO is awful!  When I ask it to do something it has constant brain cramps.
    I have asked it repeatedly to call someone. “CALL, Jane Doe, mobile.  It gives me many names in my contacts that aren’t even remotely close to what I asked it for.  I have tried repeatedly but it just gets worse.  Siri, from what I have seen is light years ahead.
    Has anyone else had these issues?  Fixes?

  • Duanemc

    I was at first getting interested in Vlingo and downloaded it and after four days of it not being able to understand LuAnn I uninstalled it because I had wasted enough time Vlingo to process it and it never did. I find it interesting that all the other voice assistants understood the word LuAnn. 

  • Dorispinto101

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  • Sonyboi911

    When will the in car be available for iPhone?  

  • Stephen

    Tried with older JVC Bluetooth radio today and the app still uses the mic on the phone instead of the the one on the deck, and audio responses are silent, neither on the phone or over the radio. The phone does work over the radio both speakers and mic when in phone calls. 

  • Tony Portale

    Each time when I go into Vlingo, the little steering wheel icon always appears. I have to hit the button to show the ‘red dot’. Then the woman says “Vlingo in Car”. Then I can speak to it.  Is there a way to always default to “Vlingo in Car” or do I not want that to be the case?

    Thank you,

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  • CSH

    When do i see Vlingo inCar for blackberry

  • williams alex

    Williamsalex65gmail .com

  • kkding

    My new Vlingo app keeps cutting off on my new Galaxy s3. Am I doing something wrong?

    • Luki

      Mine too!

  • http://www.facebook.com/william.stamm.77 William Stamm

    vlingo reads sms texts, if I manualy hit the message, and does not give emails as an option…???

  • Patrick Winder

    I have a question, when i try to install it one my phone it says I don’t have android 2.2 or higher but I have the latest android Kit Kat on my LG G2, Can anyone help me?