Let’s face it…most of us use Facebook, Twitter or foursquare when we are out and about, at the beach, walking to the office or at the out and about on a summer afternoon.  We like checking into restaurants, uploading photos or tweeting the latest.

There is an overwhelming number of options on Android Market today, and you may have all sorts of games, books, comics, entertainment, navigation, health & fitness, lifestyle, news & music (and more!) apps on your phone.  Having so many choices makes it hard for users to quickly find their favorites. This can create a frustrating experience when you really need to find that one or two social apps that you use all the time.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have one, easy, simple way to access favorites like Facebook, Twitter and foursquare?

Well then you need to check out Vlingo’s Virtual Assistant. It allows you to  conveniently update your social status by just saying “social update” and speaking the update.

 “Social update – is in San Francisco for a conference!”.  I can then select my social outlet(s) to alert all of my friends what I am up to.  Simple right?

Click here to see how Vlingo’s one step social status update works.  Better yet, take a minute to download Vlingo and see how easy it is yourself.

  • Jimbrwn609

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    are so tie that we can’t massage then this is very useful and also when we are
    on rest for sometime and not in mood to type massage then this application is
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  • Jim Brown

    You can speak to Vlingo either by clicking on
    Vlingo Icon or by pressing and holding the search button on your Android. Here’s
    how: Press and hold the search button and speak from your phone’s idle (home)
    screen, from an email screen, your calendar, or any
    other screen. Vlingo will
    interpret what you said and bring up the appropriate screen for you. Note that
    Vlingo does not put the text into whatever screen you’re already on, unless
    you’re already on a Vlingo landing screen. If Vlingo isn’t sure how to handle
    what you spoke, it will search the web for the text that you spoke. When you’re
    done using Vlingo and dismiss the Vlingo screen, the screen that was active
    before you started speaking will be restored.
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    • http://www.mobilecubix.com/ iPhone App Developer

      I do agree with you, you are obviously right.

  • Chenhao Ma

    please add Google plus into the awesome Vlingo~~