Hello Vlingoers,

Every day we get tons of questions and comments about Vlingo from our beloved users on Facebook, Twitter and this blog. For the last six months, one subject has dominated those inquiries:

“When (Occasional Expletive) are you guys going to release a Vlingo Android app?”

Well, it about to drop, and I know we’re kind of biased, but this thing rocks! Android gives us a level of integration not possible on other devices so this app has allowed us to stretch the boundaries of what Vlingo can do. Simply click the home screen Vlingo widget and speak to your Android device to do most of the thing you do with your phone.

The application will work with any device that runs Android 2.0 or higher and will be available to the general public next week in the Google Market.

Now we figure if you’re reading this blog you’re a friend of Vlingo so we want to reward you by offering you the ability to be the first to get Vlingo for Android at a special price.

Android Pre-Order 50% Off Special Offer

By registering today for our pre-order, you will be able to download the new Android application for the incredible price of $9.99 as soon as its available on Android Market. Normally, our full featured product goes for $19.99, so that represents savings of 50%! But don’t wait, as this price won’t last forever.

Special Price: $9.99, Full Price: $19.99

50% Savings For a Limited Time Only!

To register, simply fill out this VERY short survey (1 question)


We really do appreciate your patience as we’ve developed this app. Don’t tell your BlackBerry, iPhone or Nokia friends we said this, but we think this is our best app yet! J

Pre-order today! We think you’ll be very happy you did!

Happy speaking!

Hadley Harris, VP of Consumer Biz, Vlingo

  • Ben Goheen

    Am I able to download Vlingo for free if I've already paid for the Blackberry app but have now moved onto Android?

  • Theodore

    I'll second that question….went from a Blackberry with a fully paid Vlingo to a Droid Incredible. Will my account transfer since it's the same phone number but a different email adress ?

  • Hadley Harris

    Hi guys, thanks for the question. Unfortunately we're not doing transfers between different Vlingo products. Its actually a very complicated issue as Vlingo is available on many different app stores which have a variety of policies. Android does have a 24 hour return policy so no risk trying it out. I'm pretty sure once you start using Vlingo from the home screen widget, you'll consider it 10 bucks well spent.

  • Anonymous

    Just down loaded vlingo to my droid incredible. Oh my you must buy this progpram app its worth it. Best thing ever.

  • Larry Lim

    I would love to buy vlingo for my HTC Desire but Market is not available in my country.

    1) Is it possible for you to process it manually for me, e.g. I pay via Paypal and you email me the app?

    2) If we proceed this way, will the app automatically download updates once Market is available in my country?

    email [at] larrylim.net

  • Hadley

    Larry, unfortunately we don't have a way of doing this right now. What country are you in?

  • Tom Howard

    Hi – get my hands on an HTC Desire next week and I’m very excited… One question, can I create appointments with it? Digital calendars are great but it is a pain to type out. If I could set up a rudimentary appointment using vlingo I would definitely buy it.