Vlingo’s very happy to announce that our BlackBerry application now supports OS 6.0 on the brand-spankin’ new Torch from AT&T.  We appreciate everyone’s patience the last couple weeks, but we wanted to make sure we nailed it right off the bat.

Click to download via Vlingo.com here

Or via AppWorld here

Hope you enjoy.  And welcome Torch users to the Wonderful World of Vlingo!

  • Geoff Morgan

    Vlingo rocks! Great app!

  • http://Manine Angela Clark

    I have the new Bold torch 9800 and Vlingo will not upload my contacts. Its been on 6/7 for about 4 days. Can you tell me what to do?

  • J Johnson

    I too have the new Torch and cannot figure out how to get Vlingo on it. I had the full paid version on my Bold but my new Torch’s Blackberry App World keeps saying its not available for my phone.i

  • calvin.cochrane

    Hi There! I had vlingo on my bb storm 9530 purchased 4-17-2010 and recently purchased a bb torch 98 00 (telus) can this be transferred to my torch or does vlingo have to be re-purchased.registration code was 9716 4207 6847 4031 5886 receipt i.d 0178-5538-1352-1337

  • Victor Carson

    I cannot figure out how to use vlingo totally hands free in my car with a blackberry torch.
    I have to always press to convenience key. How can I totally use voice commands for in car mode.

    • Thundertec2003

      just checking to see if you figured it out yet as I am having the same problem and using a BB torch..

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GH2E352FJNO2ACFD5BTJKZHR4Q Bertrand d

        same here, do you have any answer?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GH2E352FJNO2ACFD5BTJKZHR4Q Bertrand d

      Same question for me, have you figured out how to make it work with the voice in your car?

  • justasking

    what happens if someone else uses my code and I use it. I just want to see if I can share it with my family and not have to purchase it for each handheld in the family…

  • JA_King

    Why does this application advertise hands free but I have to hold the button to speak. This is not hands free and does not eliminate the purpose for downloading the app in the first place.

  • MM 9800 BB User

    Vlingo is a great application however I already purchased it when I had my BlackBerry 9700 when I upgraded my BlackBerry to a Torch 9800, what I paid Vlingo for when I had the 9700 did not work on the 9800. I’m quite ticked off about it as well because I contact Vlingo and they do not provide a solution their solution is buy another copy of the program. Sorry not going to do that!

  • Soccer_pro911

    Doesnt work with Torch!!

  • Torch

    Won’t work on my Torch…doesn’t get past the step 3 of 7 in the setup.

    • Naaa

      3 of 7 helpp meee!!!

  • torcher

    I just tried it on my torch as well, is there a fix for the setup issues?

  • Vlingo

    I can’t get it to work with my neighbour’s torch. I’ve been using Vlingo on my Storm 1 for years (?really — about 2 years, I guess)…. I’m so disappointed that I can’t help my nieghbour to start using vlingo but ALSO, my wife is thinking of getting a torch (no smartphone yet!) and she will be very disappointed if she can’t use vlingo. I think she is jealous of me… 

  • Boo

    its not hands free..i want my money back

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VMPLR2MMJAVZ3W62HDWBPP25QE TheDude

      how would it be hands free – you have to touch the phone in some way.  I mean really?!?  Do you just expect it to be listening all the time.  I think that might eat you battery a bit, don’t you think?

  • Boo

     wot is the point of having a hands free app…when u have to hold a bloody button to use it !!!
    Are You guys stupid or something ?

  • Kamusutrahunting69

    Vlingo did not work with my bb torch…I want my money back…you should at least put down what it works with…

  • Engineeringgal

    I have purchase the full verson for my Torch.  It reads text messages but I can not get it to recognize any commands.  I have tried all the prompts outline and it is a useless program in the days of handsfree requirements.

  • Anonymous

    vlingo does not work when connected to wi fi, regardless of a full signal.  Sprint  said theyt could not help because it is 3rd party software. I said it comes with the phone i purchased from you. She continued to explain that there was no knowledge in their computer system regarding vlingo. Torch 9850

  • Samuel Contreras

    Doesnt work with Torch!!

  • Smith_markj

    Doesn’t work with my new torch won’t go past step 2/3.

  • Joeblow

    Doesnt work during setup setting side key to nothing and it stops

  • DavidA

    Yup does not work on Tourch.  A totally useless application

  • torchissues

    Won’t work on my Torch…doesn’t get past the step 3 of 7 in the setup x 2

  • Rbedard_83

    ******************ALL OF YOU SAYING IT WON’T WORK****************
    You need to set the convenience key to “Nothing” not to Vlingo. I made the same mistake, works fine now.

    • Fenderocks

      thank god . I was going to have a nutty

    • Es Mi

      Thank you! I was ready to delete this app because the convenience key just kept going to “What Can I Say” etc! They really should make that info easier to find on their site or in the Help topics.
      Thanks bunches!

  • Rob

    It didn’t work for me at 1st as I wasn’t detting the side key right. It needs to be set at “do nothing” or it wont work, don’t set it to Vlingo as I did 1st time. It will then let you use the voice command.

    It works really well, I have tried it a few times and worked superbly.

  • Nadeem

    vlingo does not work in UAE on blackberry Bold as i tried and nothing.

  • Guest

    I can’t call anyone. It recognizes my speech correctly, but cannot find matches in my contacts on my BB Torch. I spend more time talking TO the phone than ON the phone.

  • Jan1029us

    This app has completed killed my BB Torch.  It will not reboot.  Just starts the reboot cycle over and over again. 

    • Gbenga_george

      Hi, i have thesame problem, my BB wont reboot. How did you fix yours? can anyone give advise on how to fix this problem?

  • Rduggan

    Just installed latest download (free from AppWorld) and installed on my Torch 9800 just fine. Follow the instructions exactly and no problem at all.
    If it would operate completely hands free that would be even better

  • Bob Shaw

    Does Vlingo operate on the Torch 9800 running v6.0.0.448. I was not able to get it to accept voice input at installation step 4. Is there a fix for any such problem, or am I installing incorrectly?
    Bob Shaw, ve3suy@GMAIL.COM

  • nahwebonaaaa

    Why won’t work on my bb torch

  • Paul A

    It does work, just go into options from the main screen (not the link) click “device” then “convenience key” OFF  and your all set, works great

    • Apaostrophe-abuse

      YOU’RE all set

  • Ciara M

    I cant get past 3 of 7 either. My side key is set to “Do nothing” but when I press it, nothing happens and wont move on in set up. Whats wrong??

  • John Jon45

    where is the side key

  • Klsoutherland12

    Installed fine on my 9800 Torch but will not recognize my contacts. Found one forum that said to select default as contact list in address book but my default list is empty – but I have over 200 contacts in my address book. So, can search web with vlingo but can’t use for “call ted” or “text mom”. Any help?

  • Markib85

    Tried on BB Torch 9800, Fresh install of OS version: (v6.6.0.600 platform and a fresh install of Vlingo, and set convenience key to “Do Nothing” prior to install. Installation gets stuck at step 3 of 7. Tried to reinstall multiple times. How about a fix VLINGO its not often anything is FREE for BB so it would be nice if this did work.

  • Felt Rick

    vlingo won’t seem to pull up any of my contact’s and only shows voicemail as the only contact. It was working at first and now it doesn’t. Any ideas?

    • Apostrophe-abuse

      contacts, not contact’s 

  • Gbenga_george

    i downloaded this app and my BB could not reboot, does anyone have a solution to this for me please?

  • Mengano70

    practically everything I say is sent to google. I say “open radio”, “open music”, “open video” and it sends the text to google.

  • Markib85

    Ok i got it to work. When asking for convenience key i double tapped it with my finger nail pushing it in as deep as possible and it finally went through the install recognizing the convenience key. Since then its been working but deff. not the end all to typing on small keys.

  • Kevin Warren

    solved my issue….thanks a lot

  • iwashmycar

    You solved my problem Rbedard! Now why in the world wont Vlingo add that to thier Troubleshooting!??

  • suffering

    they always tell me the didnt find anything to connect with , but the wifi is full 

  • Tvhome20

    dude what should i do

  • Pnoonan01

    It was working fine on my 8530 and now is asking for me to allow permissions, but “input simulation” is greyed out and i can’t change. Need some help please

  • Guest

    It does work you need to go settings, device, convenience key, do nothing

  • Jose Berliavsky

    I live in Costa Rica and have Vlingo on my Black Berry Bold 9700, and would like to obtain and install the Vlingo in Car, how can go about it?

  • Cory Mobley

    I too have the BB Torch 9850 and Vlingo does not work. The only option that I have for my side key that remotely resembles the requested is “do nothing”. When set to that or anything else I am unable to get past step 3 of 7. Thus I will continue to delete and not support Vlingo. Yet you all continue to advertise yourselves as being the best voice recognition app for Torch. I am very disappointed.