**Please Note This Offer Has Expired**

In partnership with our friends at BlackBerry AppWorld, we’re delighted to bring you an exclusive, week-long promotion offering our Vlingo Plus for the price of $14.99 – a 25% discount! Why, might you ask, would we do this? What’s the occasion?

It seems like a million years ago when we launched our first application on the BlackBerry platform. We even get a little teary with nostalgia when we think about it. Okay, so it was only June 2008, but BlackBerry and AppWorld have been great partners to Vlingo since the very beginning, and our BlackBerry customers have always been some of our most loyal, passionate supporters. Consider this our Two Year Anniversary gift to all of you. Another 58 years and we may just have to get everyone some diamonds.

The 25% Off Promotion is only available at BlackBerry AppWorld. In order to take advantage of the discount, you need to download AppWorld on your device if you haven’t already. Once you have, simply open it up and you’ll see Vlingo and the special $14.99 anniversary pricing.

Click here to Download Now!

In addition to the discounted rates, Vlingo also recently launched support for the 9650 on Sprint and Verizon – the oh-so handsome BlackBerry Bold. So if you’re an owner of one of those devices, best strike while the iron is hot!

But we wouldn’t forget everyone else. There are also several very key bug fixes that should improve performance across all handsets. So if you’ve been using Vlingo, now’s a great time to upgrade to Plus!

Thanks again. And Happy Anniversary to all!


TJ Leonard

Director, Product Marketing

  • andrew

    I just dowloaded this today and I had to 19.99. – should have got it for 14.99 as shown