As part of our Tips & Tricks series here’s a demo of a neat feature on Android, Vlingo Answers.

Ever been out on the go and wondered about the answer to a question?  Well wonder no more.  Vlingo Answers can take care of that for you!  With our Virtual Assistant Android app, Vlingo can answer just about any question you have – no matter how trivial or important it may be.

  • Guest

    I want to ask Vlingo to add an event to my calendar!

  • Tanyaspin

    I have to admit that I always follow all news about this, so it was quite interesting to read this your post about this subject.Reading this your entry I have even noticed some new information which I haven’t known before.

    • Swgerbet

      Hey tanyaspin,
      What does your comment have to do with the above questions. completely useless

      • Swgerbet

        I have a samsung galaxy. I cannot get vlingo to speak answers to questions either. I have the “speak answers” setting on. Does anybody have any suggestions????


  • Mr Papa

    I simply cannot get this to work! I’ve asked it so many questions using the widget and while in-car mode and it always just googles the question.  I have the ‘speak answer’ setting enabled but never speaks an answer! What am I doing wrong??

  • Bt4818

    I am having the same problem. on my htc desire hd, running android 2.3.5, with the speak answers on. still does not speak answers just goes to web reasults….anyone have a solution?


  • Gas

    the same problem here with my Galaxy s2. After updating my ginger bread to ICS it stopped to answer questions. Any ideas why?

  • Serin

    I have never heard the questions answered.  However I did get the right screen that should speak answer but when I asked it “what time does the sun set tonight” it says “no answer”  that is a fairly straight forward one, right?

    Is there a list of working questions that you’ve designed it around?  I’d at least like to know what SHOULD work.