As many of you read Tuesday, Vlingo has entered an agreement to be acquired by Nuance.

First of all, we would like to thank all of you – our long time customers – for the support you have shown us over the years. From our first product launch all the way to the recent Mashable Award, you have stood by us and passionately spread the word about Vlingo’s products. We’re eternally grateful and we plan to continue to earn your loyalty. We say it quite often, and we mean it every time, but we really could not have gotten here without you.

Thank you.

We’re incredibly excited about what Vlingo and Nuance will be able to do as a combined force. Both companies share a vision for how voice can transform the way we interact with our phones, tvs, cars, and just about any other connected device. Going forward we will be far better suited to serve you, our customers, by working together with Nuance to continue making industry leading products.

So now the question that many of you have been asking – what does this mean for you? The short answer is absolutely nothing right now. We will continue to operate as an independent company as the acquisition goes through the standard approval processes. We will continue to push out updates to our current suite of products. After the transaction is completed, , as is the case with all mergers and acquisitions, Vlingo and Nuance will sit down together and evaluate the best way to synch the two product sets. We can’t tell you how that will shake out (because we don’t know), but we can tell you we will hold our customers interests and loyalty close to us when we go through that process.

We know that probably isn’t the level of detail some of you hoped for, but the reality is we just don’t have all of the answers yet. We will keep you up to date when key decisions are made, and we’ll do our best to answer questions you might have in the interim.

We certainly hope that you continue to use and enjoy our products. Everyone here at Vlingo looks forward to serving all of you for many, many years to come as a part of Nuance. Thanks again.

Team Vlingo

  • Michael Kent


  • TekWorkz

    We’ll see what the future brings

  • Chahk Noir

    Every time someone types “synch” instead of “sync,” god kills a kitten.

  • Blacknblue46

    I hope this really works out best for the user, and it wasn’t just about dollar signs. I mean if it was, good for Vlingo, bad for us, but I looked forward to 2012 and what this “merger” has to offer.

  • Blacknblue46

    That sucks, I see on the Nuance website, iPhone this, iPhone that… Well looks like something else the Droid users lost to apple…

  • Marcus

    Might have been nice to tell those of us who have never heard of them who Nuance are and what they do…!

  • Dean

    How do you stay hands free when no one answers or a busy signal or after leaving a message on an answering machine

  • Truths

    Marcus, Nuance eats other voice processing companies, sends in corporate suits to strips the remains of any personality and technology, and then leaves the carcass to rot.  That’s what Nuance is.  It’s a mega corporation that produces nothing and destroys other companies.