Dearest Vlingo Brethren,
Life on the front lines can be brutal and lonely. Especially when you’re supposed countryman left the rations in his other minivan, and your cotton-poly blend undershorts have begun to rot following a particularly rainy Battle of Antietam.   Despite the difficulty, it is those truly authentic moments that make Civil War reenacting so awesome.  The literature I have read suggests that the common infantrymen would go weeks at a time without so much as a single well-seasoned hot wing. I know. Truly barbaric conditions.
Just when I thought I couldn’t go on, the guy who fires our cannons showed me this app on his Android phone – Vlingo. Life with a virtual assistant is totally awesome!  If you want to know what life is like living on the edge of technology and Civil War reenacting, check out my video.


Colonel Frank

  • Kevin

    …you’re supposed countryman…

    No, no, no!

    Runs, screaming from building…

  • Ncbadal512

    funny, very funny.