Over the past few weeks we have received feedback from our users how Vlingo’s voice to text and text to speech application has really helped them while on the go! As you will read, our users just told their phone what to do and Vlingo made it happen!

Here are a couple of examples that I thought I would share with you!

Vlingo User A

“My meeting ended late and I didn’t have time to go home and bake a cake for my mother’s birthday! Not good! I needed a figure something out quickly so I simply tapped the Vlingo widget on my Android phone and searched for bakeries nearby. Within in seconds, Vlingo came back with the speech recognition and search results. Thank you Vlingo for finding me a place to pick up a cake and bringing my mom a yummy cake to eat!”

Vlingo User B
“Not going to lie…I have fat fingers. For a long time it was always so difficult to send a text. I discovered Vlingo from a friend. I am happy to say that I use Vlingo for 90% of my text messages. My text messages are sent much faster (and might I say without spelling errors!) that I find Vlingo to be one of the best apps I have ever used.”

Vlingo User C
“I was outside doing yard work. It was during work hours but I really needed to get the tomato seeds planted before the storm. At the same time I was waiting for an important work email. Not wanting to waste time, I just turned SafeReader on and was able to listen to all my incoming messages while planting. SafeReader allowed me to multi-task and not miss an important message from my boss!”

How have you used Vlingo?
Submit your stories or videos of how Vlingo has helped you on the go to customerstories@vlingo.com! Be on the lookout, some of your stories and videos could get posted to our Facebook or YouTube pages!

Erin Keleher, Senior Marketing Communications Manager, Vlingo

  • Alicia Yaus

    How can I use Vlingo on my droid for recording my life stories or funny stuff that i want to write about later BUT NOT SHARE….???