The wait is over!  Vlingo is very happy to announce it has once again added support for the HTC Sensation.  HTC made an update on their end that solves all the crash issues Sensation users were experiencing. We know that it was inconvenient and somewhat annoying but we really appreciate everyone’s patience.  Please pass the word!

Click here to download Vlingo’s Virtual Assistant!

Hope you enjoy.

  • Roby

    good to  hear! when will be the time for Flyer ??!

    • Michael

      I’ve had it on my phone for some time and it’s worked great !

  • Charlie

    Vlingo is still FC on Sensation as of 9/20.  I’m running CM7

  • Bart

    Market still shows my Sensation as “Not compatible” 🙁

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  • james cruise

    I like this phone and plan to get one
    HTC In Pakistan

  • Len Howardco

    Doesn’t work on properly on Sensation XE over bluetooth. Drops bluetooth sound and needs total reboot of phone and B/T to work and even then is sporadic. Works sometimes doesn’t others.