While I love nearly all gadgets, and certainly all Bluetooth accessories that don’t fight me when I try to pair them up, I recently had a particularly fun experience with the Jabra Cruiser during my annual family summer beach vacation.

I had the latest and greatest build of Vlingo fired up on my phone – even running a few unreleased beta features that the product team allowed me to try. I kept my phone in my shirt pocket or in the empty cup holder during my journey through Long Island, Manhattan and a little upstate New York.

My family and I tired hitting many of the hot & historical spots in the area.  “Statue of Liberty boat ride departure times”  I said to my Cruiser – and Vlingo came back reading the answer to me. Great but how do I get there? “Navigate to Statue of Liberty” I said. Vlingo knew that I intended to drive to the boat dock and took me right to it. On the way “store hours for FAO Schwartz” teed up a fun side trip for the kids. Next I had to call “Sarah Ann Barnett in Brewster”, my cousin that we were visiting.  It was no problem – complete hands free dialing.

My father is older so I wanted to check in on him.  I simply said, “call grandfather” and put my Dad on speakerphone so my kids could yell from the back seat that they wanted him to come to the beach with them the next day.  By the way, he did and they were delighted.

Particularly amazing was “navigate to east meets west” – I didn’t tell Vlingo that this was a restaurant or give the name of the nearby town – but Vlingo had the intelligence to figure out that I was looking for a restaurant called ‘East Meets West’ in Long Beach NY – to me, ‘east meets west’ could be a search for almost anything, but Vlingo nailed it.

Those are just the highlights, there was more as my kids used Vlingo to get sand castle instructions, my lovely wife found shopping nearby and a new book for her kindle called “Coping with In-Laws” – and of course since my wife is a huge Facebook user, she kept all her friends posted all week, using Vlingo to “update Facebook” or “check into Foursquare”

Can’t wait for the next road trip!

Chris Barnett, EVP of Global Sales, Vlingo