Calling all Samsung Jack Users!

We are very excited to announce that Vlingo is now available for Samsung Jack users!

Instantly send a text or email message, call a friend, search the Web, open native applications and more, all by speaking into your Samsung Jack.

Download now!

At this time, Vlingo runs on Samsung Jack. As we support new Windows Mobile devices, we will announce the support on our Web site and on this blog. Stay tuned for more updates!

Erin Keleher, Senior Marketing Communications Manager, Vlingo

  • Geoff Trowbridge

    Linky no worky. 🙁

  • http://vlingosansumg roboam ortiz

    I can use vlingo

  • Batt Modin

    I can download the windows cab file from - yet the installation fails on my windows mobile 6.5 Samsung Jack. i have mobile Communicator and use that for work – when I get a Im and am driving – it would be great to have this interract on my behlaf. I had the free version installed for some time then the phone was wiped and reprogrammed. Since the new install- i have plenty of space and memory, installing from an SD card and simply get – installations failed…what gives?

  • Rotachb

    I keep getting texts on my jack to upgrade vlingo. Is it free? why would I want it? How do I stop these texts?