Vlingo is excited to launch today the latest feature of its Vlingo for BlackBerry product.

Version 4.5 of Vlingo, offers a new, free feature that gives you more “hands-free” control of your BlackBerry® smartphones. SafeReader, a free feature available immediately provides drivers with a safer, easier way to consume incoming text and email messages.

No more fumbling to retrieve and read messages while on the road, SafeReader reads them aloud so you never have to take your eyes off of the road or hands off of the wheel.

Check out how it works in this video!

Vlingo 4.5 for BlackBerry smartphones with SafeReader can be downloaded for free on BlackBerry App World™ (www.blackberry.com/appworld) or directly from Vlingo (www.vlingo.com).

We will be rolling this out to iPhone, Nokia, Windows Mobile and Android phones later this year!

Erin Keleher, Senior Marketing Communications Manager, Vlingo

  • DavidO

    Just downloaded. "sounds" great! Perfect addition to Vlingo. Still needs ability to control verbose reading of HTML in received messages.

  • Anonymous

    Great product. I would suggest that there be a way to stop the reading of an e-mail before it gets to 30 words, such as hitting the bluetooth's button

  • DavidO

    Update for others on SafeReader. Vlingo support tells me the problem where it reads all the html code in a message is a bug. To be fixed in future they said. Bottom line, SafeReader is mostly useless until they do. You'll get to hear that a new message has arrived, who it's from and the subject but that's all you'll get.
    Here's hoping they can get this fixed soon.

  • Lee

    I find the same problem with SafeReader not being able to translate html messages. It is so distracting that I have stopped using it and switched to DriveSafe.ly Pro; which while not allowing you to respond at least provides up to 250 words including html.

  • Pat

    How do I listen to Blackberry sms messages on my Blueant or give my Blackberry vlingo commands from my Blueant?

  • SilkBC

    Does the Blackberry version of VLingo support speech-to-text, like the Android version, or is that a paid feature for the Blackberry?

    • http://blog.vlingo.com TJ

      BlackBerry version supports speech-to-text, yes. Most of Vlingo’s functionality is free – SafeReader, web search, social status updates, voice dialing, and more – but to send and SMS or Email with your voice you will have to purchase the Plus version. Hope that helps. Thanks for the interest.

  • Ksenneri

    Is this available for iPhones yet?

    • Bcw50

      SafeReader not availble for iphone 4

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    Woww.. Very good..

  • Pam

    When will safereader be available for iphone 4 users?

    • Bobby Putz

      lol why would you get an Iphone?

      • SJL<3

        LOL why wouldn’t you?

  • Khgjs

    Still waiting for the iPhone availabiity questions below to be answered…

  • Steven

    Is there a way to have vlingo read emails you select randomly or only new incoming messages?

  • Steelers6pak Pitt

    When when when and why did I buy this b tooth if your never going to let iphone4 work on it omg it’s grrrrrrrrrr!!!;(

  • Lmutschke

    Please – with new distracted driving laws in Canada – make this available for the iPhone 4.

  • http://twitter.com/odysiuss B H

    how to use safe reader ? does it reads the incoming messages and emails or what exactly ? i have not idea how to make work .
    any ideas ?

  • Guest

    works great but once a message is read out loud by vlingo, i can’t seem to find it in my sms list. anyone know why ?

  • Laura

    I have just recently flipped from BB to the Apple iPhone 4S and am wondering exactly when (later this year) the SafeReader will be available? I am mobile for a good part of the day and really depend on hearing my incoming messages. Thx! 

  • Fallingforward

    I loved it on my Blackberry but have just switched to the iPhone 4. I miss the safereader…is it being developed for the iphone?

  • kmand

    I presume that safereader is no more. Is there any other app with the safereader functionality?