Android Users,

Since launching our virtual assistant on Android way back in May, we have had some pretty exciting updates. In August, we made Vlingo totally free to download on Android Market. In October, we introduced the InCar feature, the first and only completely hands free way to message, call and get directions when you’re on the go. Now we have a holiday treat that may be our biggest update yet: codenamed Oyster.

As much as I’d like to spill the details, I’m not at liberty to say any more. But if you want the scoop as soon as it’s available you can:

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  3. Stay tuned right here via our blog

We’re so excited we had to let you in on our secret. As much as we could, at least.

Talk to everyone very soon!


Team Vlingo

  • virtual assistant

    Just followed you on twitter.. I would say pls keep up the good work going buddy.

  • virtual assistant

    Just followed you on twitter.. I would say pls keep up the good work going buddy.

  • Jeff Irvin

    Not sure if this is the place to get this answered but why can’t I use vlingo when my phone is connected to my stereo via bt connection? I listen to music via bt in the car and when i activate vlingo to do a text or cmd it has the speech sensor disabled because bt is hooked up. Google voice search works fine when i use it and am bt connected. This is the only reason I do not use vlingo as my default keyboard.

  • Andy

    I hope this fixes the phone crash and reboot problem on the EVO 4G when my Jawbone is turned off. I’ve uninstalled vlingo in the meantime.

  • Kent

    Same problem as Andy. Does not work well with the Jawbone and Evo. Phone reboots when the Jawbone button is pushed. Also with InCar it doesn’t seem to have the ability to call a number. You have to give a name rather than a phone number when you say “Call”. Tried saying “Dial” also but still wants a name.

  • Dave

    My vlingo app doens’t remember settings. Every ten minutes or so, if I enter the app it runs its “first run” settings wizard and makes me accept the terms of use. What gives?

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  • Stagecoach666

    Will the adfree virtual assistant be updated to oyster adfree ?