The Open Mobile Summit is known for bringing together influential executives across carriers, OEMS, media and publishing firms, ad agencies and app developers over a 2 day conference to explore the future of mobile.  Vlingo’s own Chris Barnett is among an elite group selected to speak.

“The Open Mobile Summit is an important conference addressing key issues that are shaping the direction of the mobile market,” said Chris Barnett, EVP of Markets of Vlingo. “As the virtual assistant category evolves, consumers not only are continuing to adapt to the readily available functionality offered on feature rich devices but are requesting the ability to do more tasks quickly and easily.  For several years, we’ve been equipping our user’s everyday with additional ways to interact seamlessly with their phones and are thrilled to share our learnings at the Open Mobile Summit by comparing and contrasting what other key players are doing in the marketplace.”

Barnett will lead a session on Wednesday, June 8 at 3:15 p.m. that will highlight how key partners are integrating Vlingo’s Virtual Assistant and provide insight into the future of Vlingo’s Virtual Assistant.

“The Open Mobile Summit features the most innovative and influential companies in mobile today,” said Robin Bratt, Founder and Managing Director, Open Mobile Media Ltd. “We’re excited to have Vlingo participate this year as they are a company really driving innovation and will have significant  impact for the future of mobile”.

If you are in London, whether attending the conference or not, and would like to meet with Chris, please email Erin Keleher at

Posted by Erin Keleher