Enter by “Liking” Vlingo and posting a tribute to Mom on our wall here: www.facebook.com/VlingoPage

(details below)

Author Jane Sellman once wrote, “The phrase ‘working Mom’ is redundant.” We here at Vlingo couldn’t agree more, so we wanted to send a Thank You to hardworking Moms everywhere this Mother’s Day. Only thing is – not all Moms want tulips, some want technology! So it’s with that in mind we present to you the “Moms on the Go” Mother’s Day Contest…

Who’s eligible to enter: Anyone! You don’t have to be a Mom to enter. If you’re a Son, Daughter, Husband, Grandchild, Relative or Friend – ANYONE – you can nominate a Mom you know and love for a chance to win. If you are a Mom, just tell us why you deserve the prize on this Mother’s Day!

How do you enter: Simply visit our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/VlingoPage, and nominate any Mom you appreciate by posting a tribute – it can be a story, a quote, a picture, whatever. Remember, you have to “Like” Vlingo at the top of our page in order to post on our wall.

What’s the prize: There will be a Grand Prize for one lucky Mobile Mom, and two Runner Up prizes.


  • A Vlingo-supported mobile phone of Mom’s choosing

(Can be any iPhone, BlackBerry, Android or Nokia phone that runs
Vlingo. Visit www.Vlingo.com for supported devices.)
  • A new Jabra Extreme Bluetooth Wireless headset
  • A copy of Vlingo Plus

A new Jabra Extreme Bluetooth Wireless headset
A Copy of Vlingo Plus

When do I enter: Right now! The contest is open from now through Mother’s Day May 9th. We’ll announce the winner on Monday, May 10th on our Facebook page.

This package is the perfect way for “Moms on the Go” to juggle those tasks that keep families running, handsfree, using the power of her voice! That means safer families, which we know means happier Moms. And happier Moms are just good for everyone.

Thanks to all in advance for their tributes and nominations! We hope that Moms on the Go all over feel a little extra love this Mother’s Day. Let them hear it here www.facebook.com/VlingoPage!

TJ Leonard, Director of Product Marketing, Vlingo

  • Noelle Hughes

    Couple major problems here. I use the HTC Hero, and would buy your product in a heartbeat. I used to use a Blackberry, which actually had a pretty robust voice-activation interface for my purposes. I downloaded the free version of lingo, but hardly ever used it.

    I could use it now,but it doesn't exist. What up wit dat?

    Also, how not W3C is your site when your homepage requires such heavy use of Flash? Double ugh. I bet your tech vs. marketing meetings are a hootenanny. Woould love to be a fly on the wall there.

    Well, my work here is done. You can find me on Facebook or LinkedIn to file a personal rebuttal, I never use blogger any more.

  • Noelle Hughes

    Oh, and my good old autocorrect changed VLINGO to "lingo" so now I get to look bitchy and stupid at the same time. 🙂


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