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Vlingo voice control program included with N97 firmware update

It took me a few minutes to wipe out my N97 and reload my favorite apps, but I am up and running now and am very pleased with the firmware 2.0 update and am thankful I did not sell my N97 a couple months ago when I was thinking I needed to let it go to save up for the N900. One of the slickest pieces of software that Nokia included with this update is Vlingo and I have to admit I never heard of this software before and had it mixed up with Viigo that I have seen before on BlackBerry devices. Vlingo is actually an application that lets you control your Nokia device with your voice, but goes beyond just opening up apps. With Vlingo you can perform the following:

* Search the Internet
* Dial by voice
* Create a note to yourself
* Open applications
* Update your Facebook status
* Send text messages
* Send email

I do see that these last two functions are trials and you can only send 15 text messages or emails before you have to pay a one-time $19.99 fee or $4.99/month fee to use these functions. This upgrade is called Vlingo Plus and is not included with your N97 purchase.

Have any readers tried out this application/service and if so, do you find it to be accurate and worth the $20?