Vlingo goes on national television AGAIN with the release of the new LG Vortex SmartPhone for Verizon. A new commercial announcing the new phone highlights voice capabilities (by using Vlingo!). The theme of the commercial is “Restoring the Carousel”.

I’ll quickly set the scene for you – a  group of friends walk by a warehouse in a local neighborhood and see an older man struggling to restore a carousel on his own. The friends stop to help.  Now here is where you will see Vlingo in action….one of the friends uses Vlingo to send out a Tweet asking his friends to come help!  Check it out below!

While you can view it here on YouTube also be on the lookout for this commercial as you watch all those old holiday movies on TV, during your Soaps or even during those weekend football games!

  • http://www.searingarrow.com AlienSix

    Nice commercial

  • Roberto (retired Vlingoer)

    This is really awesome – congrats. Vlingo is an amazing app.

  • Ajastrong01

    I really really want this phone!!!!!!!!! I want to use the voice texting thingy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ajastrong01

    I’m confused. So is this app on the carousel commercial for when you text people? I only want this phone if I can use that app for texting. I feel bad that that’s the only reason but I don’t text fast and this app was the perfect solution. As soon as I saw the commercial a few months ago, I knew I wanted the phone because I would be able to text super fast!!!!!! Ever since I’ve been looking for information about the topic. Help!!!