Since launching version 2.0 Vlingo for iPhone last week, we have seen some great success. In fact, AppHQ states that Vlingo is one of the most talked about apps right now among leading iPhone blogs worldwide.

Some of you have also commented on the in app purchase functionality we’re leveraging. This is relatively new and was implemented by Apple. It is a payment function that many other apps are using. So we are just one of the users, not the designers. Users can read about the free verse paid features of the Vlingo app on the App Store description page, in the app itself, on the Vlingo website, in the press release and in the most recent blog posting.

Take a look at what our users are already saying on Twitter and in the media!

Twitter Comments!

  • Kyle Adkins @Vlingo ok now I can get an iPhone. This was one of the small things holding me back. Also from upgrading to plus. Thank you!
  • clintmckoy RT @jaceman: The new Vlingo iPhone app update is sweet.
  • athinkingman Really enjoying the new voice controlled Vlingo iPhone app. Once you get used to it, it is really accurate.
  • ayb35 Just started using Vlingo for iPhone, so cool!! -composed with vlingo
  • thirstforwine If you think I tweet a lot now imagine what it will be like now that that i don’t even have to type #Vlingo
  • jordanpsky Trying out Vlingo 2. It rocks. May never type an update again.
  • TracyTodd1 COOL! RT @gussilber: Yes, I’m tweeting while stuck in the traffic. I am not using my hands, I’m using my voice, thanks to the Vlingo…

Check out the early media reviews!

  • [Comparable Apps} are all recent voice-to-text applications that can offer some of the similar functionality as Vlingo. The big difference is that Vlingo lets you do more from within a single application. Voice-to-text apps are improving at a startling rate and Vlingo is unique in its convergence of multiple functions into one application. – Mashable, Send Email and SMS Message Using Voice commands with Vlingo for iPhone, March 4, 2010
  • Depending on your need for a streamlined messaging experience, Vlingo does offer great value to the iPhone user when it comes to voice assisted applications. And at a cost of nothing, it’s worthy of a look and spot in that valuable iPhone home screen space. – AppAdvice, Vlingo 2.0 – Power Of Your Voice, March 4, 2010
  • new version of the app, which not only polishes both the interface and older features, but introduces e-mail and SMS paste into Vlingo’s repertoire. Voice commands are simple; you simply say the name of the service you wish to use, followed by your message. In addition, there’s no navigating through submenus to find the service you want—Vlingo allows you to start speaking commands for any of its services when you first open the program. – iPhone Central-MacWorld, E-Mail, SMS Paste come to Vlingo, March 4, 2010
  • It is one of my highest rated apps that you should download and try out today. It is a great time saver, is safe to use in the car and on the go when you cannot type on your phone, and it is an up and coming technology. – KD Media Now, Vlingo App Review: The Power of Search, March 3, 2010

If you haven’t got Vlingo for your iPhone yet, click here to download now!

  • Jeffrey Davila


    I’ve got an iPhone 4 and was just turned on to your software. I am curious why this app is free on the Android (I love Google) but costs on the iPhone and is even more expensive on Windows.


  • Vinney

    I was wondering why. It seems all other systems except Android must pay. Since this is not dependent on the OEM of the phone, it seems the owners simply want other platforms to subsidize Android. Blackberry has to pay now as well, and you mentioned two others.

    Or could it be the lawsuite from the Founders former company – them need to make money to pay?

  • Fab

    I will never buy this app – it’s free for android but not the IPhone4 – i’ll just wait for something similar to come out – which i’m sure will be soon

  • Lionpr

    Why not include Spanish language?

  • Emily0132011

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