As part of our Tips & Tricks series, here’s a great video demonstrating how easy it is to conduct a search on your iPhone with Vlingo’s Virtual Assistant.

The Vlingo Virtual Assistant makes searching the mobile web faster and easier than ever.  With simple voice commands, you can quickly locate businesses and services.  Once you found what you need, Vlingo offers one-click calling, reviews and directions as well!  No question our Virtual Assistant the best way to do a mobile search on your iPhone.

  • Matt Henderson

    When is Vlingo going to offer the InCar feature for the iPhone? Vlingo is a neat app with lots of potential, but you still have to read and click too many times, so it is not good to use when driving. The fact that Vlingo offers more hands-free features on other platforms makes me think that it isn’t Vlingo but maybe it is Apple that is restricting or limiting what the Vlingo iPhone app can do.

  • Rwestover

    I have an iPhone 3GS and have had Vlingo installed for quite some time. I also have the best headset available, in my opinion, the Blueant Q2.
    I understand you have partnered with BlueAnt, but I do not see any improvement. I would think I could make calls, ask for directions through the Q2 by pressing the headset button.
    To my knowledge, I still must press the Vlingo App button, then press the Listen Button (hold or release and press again.
    When will you eliminate the extra steps to use this app while driving or any time for that matter? Do you have a time line?

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  • Joe

    Well I must say I am disappointed. I have the vlingo for my iPhone 3GS and like all iPhone users I can’t use the Incar. I have read more blogs on this issue than you can imagine, but I have read nothing on what vlingo’s techs are doing to get the Incar feature to work on the iPhone. I hope it is because they are to busy working on it, but it would be nice to know. After all there are thousands if not millions out there that use iPhones.