It’s official!  Vlingo’s iPhone Voice-to-Text Application upgrade for iOS4 is live on the iTunes App Store! Cue the angelic choral singers!!

What does this mean for our iPhone users?

  • Direct Voice SMS – No more annoying paste step(!!)
  • Critical bug fixes that improve performance on iOS4

If you have already paid for Vlingo’s premium features, you can upgrade for free.  If you’re still using the lite version, there’s never been a better time to upgrade.

Click Here to Download

Thanks to everyone for all the interest you’ve shown on Twitter, Facebook and  Hope this makes it a little easier to stay connected to the people and businesses that are most important to you.


TJ Leonard

Bearer of Good News

  • Jon

    Any upgrade do that SSM can be read back to user via lingo and blue ant Q2.

  • Owen McOmber

    I want to use text to speach through my BlueAnt S4 and not into my iPhone. I cant find SafeReader for iPhone 3GS. What’s up?

  • Stephen

    How can I have BlueAnt S4 choose Vlingo instead of the iPhone’s Voice Command program?

  • PlasmaPump

    Where is the InCar feature? No SafeReader either? How about caller name announce? None of the hands free features are there. No better then any voice recognition app!

    • Silverflutist

      No freaking kidding. This stupid oversight from the iPhone crowd has prevented me from spending my money on their phones. I am an Android lover. There are two things I need: to be able to hear my text messages being read to be, and having an app that increases the text size of incoming and outgoing text messages from teeny tiny to larger. Android market had both of these apps for free!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    For text to speech for your iphone try this app from this post

  • Sbrpar5

    How come i don’t have the blue speaker when i try to reply to a email?

  • Bayouranch

    I would like Vlingo to be used with a headset on the iphone 4.  I think this would be a great upgrade.

  • Rogertpg

    Just purchased BA S4 link to my iPhone 4  one  key usage to received SMS spoken messages ????  getting NO response from BA S4 when message comes in. need guidance to setup PLEASE!!   Have downloaded Vlingo, works fine with outgoing requests ONLY.  

  • Gfmr

    Por que no esta en español en el iphone y si esta en el galaxy s2