We have another video demonstration ready as part of our Tips & Tricks for BlackBerry.  We’ll take a look at voice to text for BlackBerry today.

Vlingo’s Virtual Assistant makes sending text messages easier and safer.  Instead of typing, try voice texting on your BlackBerry.  When you’re on the go, using simple voice commands makes texting on your BlackBerry better.  Check out our demo video that shows how you can send and receive voice texts using Vlingo.

  • CS Schacter

    I love this program. It doesn’t always catch the exact words, but it’s far more correct, than it is incorrect.

  • Ghomulos

    Will it work with Blackberry Messenger??

  • CS Schacter

    U can say “Vlingo, open BlackBerry Messenger”, then Vlingo Everywhere will pop up and whatever you’ve said to Vlingo, will be typed out & u can paste into BB Messenger.

    Vlingo Plus with Vlingo Everywhere allows you to speak your BlackBerry Messenger messages as well. Beginning with Vlingo 4.0, Vlingo Plus introduces a new feature, Vlingo Everywhere. Vlingo Everywhere allows you to speak to insert text virtually anywhere you can type on your BlackBerry, including into any built-in or third-party application such as instant messaging, calendar entry, adding contacts, getting directions, and more.