Our friends at androidwidget.info recently spent some time using Vlingo.  Take a look at their review!

Looking for a Virtual Assistant? Try talking to your Android Device.

Vlingo Android Widget is a virtual assistant which helps you get things done quickly and easily by talking to your Android Device. This widget includes a hands-free mode called Vlingo InCar which allows you to Send/Read SMS, Call someone, Get Directions, etc. by speaking into your phone while you’re driving.

Getting Started with Vlingo Widget:

You have to tap on the “Speak it” button and say what you want to do. The following list of examples shows you what you can do and say to this Android Widget:


  • Send Messages (E.g: ‘Email Sam Subject Going to your house’)
  • Call Someone (E.g: ‘Call Samas Sam is in your contact list)
  • Find Restaurants (E.g: ‘McDonald’s in Miami, Florida’)
  • Find Business (E.g: ‘Find hardware’)
  • Search (E.g: ‘Google dates for next Google I/O 2011′)
  • Update Social Networks (E.g: ‘Check In to Starbucks’)
  • Get Answers (E.g: ‘When was the French Revolution?’)
  • Open Apps (E.g: ‘Open Music‘)
  • Get Directions (E.g: ‘Navigate to Central Park’)
  • Get a Taxi (E.g:‘Taxi’)
  • Book a Hotel (E.g: ‘Find hotels in Miami Beach Florida for Friday night’)
  • Buy Movie Tickets (E.g: ‘Movie tickets for X-Men First Class’)
  • Hear Incoming Messages (E.g: ‘SafeReader Off’)

What about the Vlingo InCar feature?

Tap on the steering wheel icon at the top right of the screen to openVlingo InCar. This Android Widget is a new hands-free, safer way to use your Android while in your car.

Press the blue “Tap & Speak” button on the bottom of the screen and say what you need to do. For example:

  • Call Han mobile
  • Text Katie Message Hey!
  • Navigate to Camdbridge, MA
  • Reply to Dave

Some Tips using Vlingo InCar:

1) Wait for the tone before speaking.
2) Speak directly in to the phone, unless you’re on a high-quality Bluetooth headset.
3) Use “Tap and Speak” button on the Home Screen as a shortcut to say everything you want to do.

Wake Up Command:
You can say “Hey Vlingo” instead of pressing the “Tap & Speak” button from within InCar to automatically wake up Vlingo. Note: Abusive use of this feature may drain your battery.

Lastly we must say that after testing Vlingo Widget we were really impressed by its quality and functionality, we strongly recommend you to try this Android Widget.

  • Charlie

    My only complaint concerning In-Car, I like to listen to my Pandora radio while driving. I can use Vlingo in-car or Pandora, but not both at the same time. When I open Vlingo In-Car, it kills Pandora. Is this something that can be fixed or is there a work around?

    • CptZenon

      Has anyone found and answer/work-around for this.  I would also love to see this fixed.  I recently got a stereo that supports the A2DP protocol and it is very convenient for listening to podcasts, pandora, etc, but would be even better if Vlingo could integrate as well.

  • Bergsy

    It’s good on phone calls and finding kinds of businesses. but it won’t find someone in my contacts if I say “navigate to Johnny Doe.” It just gives me local businesses. Seems to me Vlingo could be tweaked to search the contact list and suggest matching items when it hears a navigate command.