As part of our Tips & Tricks series, here’s a video of how to use SuperDialer – Vlingo’s super cool voice dialer.

As you know, the Vlingo Virtual Assistant offers many features on it’s Android app.  One of the most popular and useful is the voice dialer – SuperDialer.  Not only can you call contacts, but you can call any business listing with a simple voice command.  Check out a couple cool examples of how our Android voice dialer app can make calling a snap when you’re on the go!

  • Adam Wood

    omg, Please Redo this Video’s audio.. The puffing into the mic is so annoying

  • passinthru

    I love it but please add integration to music players! It’s the only reason I have to keep the otherwise inferior Google Voice Search around.

  • Hercules411us

    Vlingo used to work fine on my 2.2 droid in concert with my bluetooth headset. But now when I push the button on my headset, the Bluetooth Voice Dialer screen pops up instead of Vlingo InCar asking me ‘What would you like to do?”, I hear “Speak now”.

  • Apn310

    I wish it would dial a specific phone number I recite into my phone instead of just trying to look up the business or individual when it can not find it in my contacts or in the cloud