Hello Android Owners!

Welcome to the first in a series of new video blog posts offering some helpful tips and tricks for how to get more out of your Vlingo application through Android voice commands.  In each part of the series, we’ll focus on a topic – today’s is SuperDialer – and we’ll show you some cool and simple ways that you can use your voice to get things done on the go.

As you know, SuperDialer combines our voice recognition technology along with our intelligent application to help you quickly connect with businesses.  In this installation, we’ll show you how to:

  • Find and read reviews for restaurants or other local businesses
  • Call nearby services when you find yourself in a pinch
  • Locate and call a business you don’t have in your address book

Check out our brief video tutorial to see Vlingo for Android in action…

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  • Richard Ortiz

    The voice command which came with my droid did not recognize over 90% of my commands; However, Vlingo is at 99.9%.

    I previously used it on my Blackberry Storm and love it on the Droid, my strongest request is to please enable support for commands via Bluetooth.

    Do you have this in the works, and how soon do you expect a release? I will gladly beta test.


    • Wonderfulboodad

      Want to have some fun with vlingo? Ask it how it is today and how old it is.

  • Roger

    I’ve seen everywhere Vlingo can dial numbers that it intelligently finds on the net (dentist, Chinese food, etc.). But how can I make it dial a number stored in my contacts? Thanks!

  • Allan Jackson

    can I say END CALL?

  • Allan Jackson40

    I am disabled and cannot use my hands. Can I keep Vlingo always open?

    • skittle300

      Yes. If you have “car mode”. Suggest you keep phone plugged in, it does use a lot of battery to stay open.

  • Micallefjohn07

    How can I stop it asking what would you like to do after a call has been made Thank you

  • Chetaru

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  • sam josh

    I am a android user..I have been  spending the best part of my afternoon on your blog..Thanks for all the work you have put in to it..


  • Mannycalejo

    I had a stroke almost 3 years ago, it has damaged my ability to use my right hand this program is a God send. Keep up the good work. God bless you

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Allan-Jackson/1415199609 Allan Jackson

      Hi, so good to hear that you are benefiting from BlueAnt. I find it wonderful but because I can use both hands I frustrated when it needs a ‘touch’ which I can’t do. Take care, Allan

  • guest

    How do you end a call in VLingo while in driving mode?  I have tried almost everything.  End call.  Hang up.  Stop.  Cancel, etc.

  • ashish seo

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  • Roofguy1972

    Vlingo does not recognize ANY of my contacts in my HTC EVO running ICS.
    Also it would be GREAT if it would dial random phone numbers that are not in my comtacts. ie: “Vlingo Dial 908-123-4567…

  • dom

    ya its really very useful. thanks for sharing