Have a Verizon Droid, Google Nexus One, or other Android-powered phone?

If you do, we invite you to participate in a limited trial of our Vlingo for Android beta! Vlingo has been successful on other platforms and we are anxious to make Vlingo available for Android users. Click here to sign up!

Erin Keleher, Senior Marketing Communications Manager, Vlingo

  • Trent

    Just testing this out now. My only suggestion right now is integration with Google Voice as a program for sending SMS. The simplest way to handle this from an interface perspective is simply to have an option in the settings to use Google Voice for sending text messages.

    Just my suggestion. I like the app so far!

  • Trent

    Is there an official place to discuss this beta? There's gotta be somewhere for beta users to actually report issues and suggestions or why would you have a public beta?

  • Gautam Desai

    @Trent I agree with you Google Voice integration for using SMS is key to making this fully useful for me…

  • Raven Helstein

    Was using this program on all my Samsung galaxy phones and Samsung Tab, but after the last update it went from working great to absolutely tragically not working at all the program is there just does nothing taking up space. Ummm suggestion how about another try on the update because it was the handiest apps I have found so far.

    Waiting kind of patiently
    Raven Helstein

  • Smitty3572

    Great app but would like to have some possible modifications. 1) Allow signatures to Text messages or integrate with other SMS msg apps. 2) Have optional Voice packs for the spoken voice. Something not quite so roboty, if that is even a word. 3) Would be nice to command phone functions like turn bluetooth on/off, wifi on/off, etc. Otherwise Love the app

  • Allen

    There should be a way for Vlingo to “learn” how “someone” says certain commands – for example – if, in Learn Mode, it says “Say Vlingo” and if I said “Betty” instead – then it would learn that Betty is Vlingo and I could say Betty and have Vlingo start…