We couldn’t be more excited to announce that Vlingo 3.0 is ready for Prime Time!  Those at Google I/O got a little sneak peak, but it’s time we release our latest major update into the wild!  We hope you love her like we do.

Today’s launch marks a significant step in the new way you will interact and connect with the people, businesses and activities that are important to you.

Without further ado let me unveil Vlingo 3.0.  Download from Android Market to see….

  • expanded language support for French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese (beta), & Korean(beta) users
  • a brand new, simpler user interface making it easier for Vlingo users to discover the features that are most useful to them.
  • a refreshed graphic design, simplified landing screens and guided user instructions
  • new unified messaging and improved local search

  • Anonymous

    Great aplplication! Please add Serbian language!

  • Anonymous

    Where is the keyboard?  How can you remove such a key feature without a single mention of it in the Android Market or in this blog?  Your customers aren’t deserving of ANY explanation on this?  That is pathetic customer service.

  • http://twitter.com/andretomasi André Tomasi 

    Brazilian portuguese please? Thx

  • Stribrnydaniel

    Please….CZECH language!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=506420818 Russ Long

    Why did the 1×1 widget disappear?? I used to use
    Vlingo all the time, now it is all but useless in my application. I
    know you have “AutoListen” or whatever you call it, but even with that
    it requires more clicks on the device than the 1×1 widget. I am
    extremely disappointed that you made that change.

    • No__clue

      I was annoyed about that too.  I used the new “Actionbar” widget to replace my Google search bar and turned on “Auto Listen” and it only takes 1 click to get it to listen to what I say. Same as the old 1×1 widget.  

  • Al Danks

    Only portrait mode? Really?

  • Kim

    I really would like the 1×1 widget back! And the keyboard please!

  • http://yobif.com Yobif

    Yes great application.. Need 1×1 widget..

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  • Dwight

    Russ, put the Vlingo app button on your homescreen. If you have “auto listen” selected, then you are golden. It starts with one click. What I need to get used to is that when I text (I am pretty sure you have to say “Send Text to…” not “Send message to..” Also, it initiates the text within Vlingo and not the native or substitute text application on the phone.

  • Na7717

    Great update,I like the move to sdcard.

  • Erick Mizuno

    Could you Vlingo support Portuguese language… Remind Brazil has upping nowadays in world politician scenary… Think big, Vlingo… 

  • Jimlugenbeel

    I had problems with vlingo interacting with my bluetooth speaker in my car, and with the bluetooth feature built in my other car….when I had my blackberry phone, they interacted perfectly, but droid seems a bit jealous of other systems….anyone have any thoughts?

  • Cam

    Has InCar been removed? Can’t find it after the update.

  • Dave Rosenbaum

    I like some of the upgrades.  Is there a way to display in landscape rather than portrait?

  • Dwight

    Cam, it is still there if you click the steering wheel in the upper right hand corner from what I remember.

  • Pablo Paciello

    Hello, I’m the owner of AndroidWidget.info. I wrote an article about your Vlingo Virtual Assistant for Android. Actually, this is an amazing app, I’ve tested it before writing the review and I was impressed. Feel free to send me your comments and/or suggestions. In addition, I added your site to my Widget Developers Directory, you can check it out on my site.

    link: http://www.androidwidget.info/vlingo-virtual-assistant

    As a suggestion, I would like to let you know that the icon-logo of Vlingo may be do not represent the virtual assistant too much. When I saw it in the Android Market, my first impression was that it could be a Wi-Fi or 3G connectivity app.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s how I used to use Vlingo:

    -Tap the mic icon on the 4×1 widget and say, “Call Liz, mobile.” 
    -Tap the dial icon once I see that it heard me correctly.
    -Finish call and I am returned to my home screen.

    -Tap the mic icon… “Cal Liz…”
    -Wait 10 or more seconds (tapping the “DIAL” button does nothing).
    -Finish call and return to… the Vlingo main screen (which I never want to see or use).
    -Back out.

    Why did you make this program worse? I’m glad you have more languages, but I just switched my default voice recog to Google Voice Dial and I’m removing Vlingo. I also used to tell every Android owner I knew to install Vlingo; no longer will.

  • Anonymous

    Is there a way where the phone can actually understand what you say??

    “Hey put it on Howard Stern he’s talking about something funny”  <– What I said

    "Hey foot it on Howard Stern he taking about something family" <– What Vlingo put

  • asr3

    Sorry I like last version better. As many bring back the keyboard, at least for English.
    The one missing service is voice reading of email and you’d be perfect. Of course after you restore the keyboard.

  • Ikesonny

    Vlingo on my droid is a piece of crap. It comes on and start dialing numbers without being initiated. And then it goes in a loop. Just want to remove this app from my phone.

  • elson jr.

    Awesome app. I agree about the brazilian language. 🙂

  • M Reskator


  • Tisaman

    PLEAS…… CZECH REPUBLIC  language!!!!

    This is best app, but I can not use it !!!!  Pleas

  • Jonathangaastra

    how about netherlands/////!!!

  • Tischler

    Czech Republic or Slovakai language pleas !!! 

  • Streda

    Czech please

  • Omer_2096


  • omer ulukan

    please TURKISH!!! languageeee…..

  • Sasha

    dutch language available?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kevin-Newton/100000478773725 Kevin Newton

    Is this app still sending people’s identifying information to DHS? (https://plus.google.com/104443461430259359087/posts/QoiaGfwNTGR)