Have you been waiting for Vlingo to arrive to Windows Mobile? Well here’s the scoop… Last Wednesday Vlingo announced its official beta support for 8 Windows Mobile 6.1 devices. We are excited to enter the world of “the PC” on smart phones to allow users to speak to their phones to send text and email messages, search the Web, dial the phone, send a “note to self”, open native applications such as your calendar and camera and more.

The Vlingo Windows Mobile team is eager to hear your feedback. You can help us improve the product if you have one of the following supported devices:

* Samsung Omnia (Verizon)
* Samsung Omnia GSM (AT&T)
* Samsung Epix (AT&T)
* Samsung Jack (AT&T)
* Samsung Propel Pro (AT&T)
* Samsung BlackJack II (AT&T) [6.0 OS only]
* LG Incite (AT&T)
* Moto Q Global 9h (AT&T)

The beta will run through at least July 6th, 2009. To participate in the beta go to vlingo.com/windows from your device.

Yes it’s true what they say within Vlingo – I’m proud to be a PC on Windows Mobile.

Luis “vluis” Nicolaou, Product Manager, Windows Mobile, Vlingo

  • Deborah Carver

    Will vlingo ever be coming to the htc touchpro2 windows phone, my husband has it on his blackberry and I love the program.



    • Steve

      go to xda-developers.com

  • Micah

    One more vote for Vlingo on Windows Mobile! I have a HTC Imagio.

  • Steven Fochi

    Will Vlingo be released for other phones?

    I have a HTC touch 3g and want it for my phone.


  • http://vlingo richard williams

    i have a htc hd2 and i want this app what should i do.

  • Mark

    I would like to use this app, will it be available for the htc hd2 ?

  • Daniel

    What about the HTC Imagio? I’m running Windows Mobile 6.5 Build 21680.5.3.9

  • Sage Bray

    Another vote for an HTC HD2 version of Vlingo. There’s a lot of us HD2 users who live and work off this phone & having features such as this software offers would be TREMENDOUSLY helpful. Thanks!

  • Bogus

    how abt windows for PC product?
    thats what i need even more

  • hemal

    make it for the palm treo pro plz…

  • E_nunez_m

    Is it Vlingo comming for Windows Phone 7????

  • Bald Vinny

    So is this every coming to any other windows phones?  Would love to try it on my HTC HD2 .

  • http://twitter.com/OCTOGONPC Vincent Black

    PLEASE develop for WP7!

  • Sdarity

    Do you have a vesion for the HTC-HD2 Windows Mobile 6.5 Operation System?

  • http://www.facebook.com/af.gma Af Gma

    Had vlingo on my Blackberry and loved it. Would like to see on Windows 7 Nokia.