What’s up Vlingoans! Vlingo’s mission is to understand the user’s intent and take the appropriate action. As you guys know, we’re constantly trying to push the boundaries of what the Vlingo Personal Assistant can do. So with that said, the question for you, our beloved users, is…What would the PERFECT Virtual Assistant do for you?

To help elicit your feedback, we’ve got a great little contest for you. Just tell us what you’d want Vlingo to do for you and you’ll be automatically entered into a contest to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card!

Entering is easy!
1.Follow @Vlingo on Twitter, you must follow @Vlingo before you enter. Just go here, it take two seconds Vlingo Twitter Page

2.To enter, tweet what you would have your perfect virtual assistant do for you. Your tweet must include the hashtag “#HelpMeVlingo @Vlingo”

Multiple entries are OK! Each tweet you do will count as an entry. Be sure to include “#HelpMeVlingo @Vlingo” in your tweets.

For example: I want my virtual assistant to translate my emails in French #HelpMeVlingo @Vlingo

Good luck!
The Vlingo Team

  • Myta2010

    It was be nice if Vlingo could control the custom Android Profile App, so you can switch by voice to work, car, silent, vibrate, etc.. It would also be nice if by voice you turn on/off the bluetooth, wifi, and mobile connections.In addition, if you could have the visual voicemail play back voicemails by voice that would be a bonus! Lastly, if you could REBOOT the device by a voice command.

    • http://www.vlingo.com/ Vlingo

      Great ideas. Particularly like the ones about adjusting your phones profile with voice commands. Can see how that would be super helpful while driving. Thanks for posting.

  • Wrc1

    Can iPhone Vlingo use voice to text to respond to a text message or email you’ve received?

  • Jrharris42

    What about all those people who could care less about Twitter? 😉

    My complaints with Vlingo are as follows:
    1. Would be nice if it would skip the HTML when reading an email. Every Facebook email to me ends with “equals equals equals equals” repeated out loud 40 times. It’s annoying, and if I am driving with my phone docked I cannot “shake to skip”.

    2. An EASY to hit “Skip” button on the screen during InCar mode so I can skip an email fast, easily and safely. Like…make it so I can just tap anywhere on the screen.

    3. When I’m trying to use voice recognition in the car, road noise causes Vlingo to keep listening even though I am done talking. I can’t afford to buy a quieter car, but I really don’t want to have to click: “Done” on the phone so it will know to process what I said.

  • Jrharris42

    Whoops, forgot one more:
    4. An option to make it so Safereader turns itself OFF if you are not connected to Bluetooth. When I get out of my car, I have to turn Safereader off manually so my emails aren’t read to me in the grocery store, or on a date, etc.

  • majoon_johnson

    vlingo is a great assistant for me it helps with all my lazy text

  • Bestofluck

    It can go away.  It pops up all the time, even during calls.  All I want is a way to disable it.

  • Russputin

    As a samsung G2 user, the most useful missing option is the off switch or command. If KIES is anything to go by the issue is probably with the SAMSUNG software but why a “totally completely off” option was not included as standard is an absolute mystery. Vlingo has real potential but I had to root the phone to make it truly user friendly. (ie to gain an off function)

  • Melynda78

    Home button broke on my phone. Could I use vlingo as the home button. That would help thousands of people!

  • Bat2won

    Would like to see a feature in the incar mode where i can tell Vlingo to answer an incomming call or send it to voice mail.

  • Rcrumpler

    I want Lingo to enter diary appointments for me