Tired of your old phone? Time to upgrade?  We’ve got a great reason for you to make a trip to your mobile carrier’s store today.  Vlingo proudly partnered with Samsung to develop Voice Talk,  a native feature on Samsung’s flagship device, the Galaxy SII.  Check out the video below to see for yourself how it works.  We think its a must have.

  • Roby

    cannot see the vidwo …:(

  • Anonymous

    Someday your iPhone may even have this!  BTW, not just on the Galaxy.  This is inCar, it’s been on my Droid Incredible for months now, since BEFORE the iPhone 4 came out.

  • Etienne

    Well not really. A number of user including myself would like to disable double home button that activates VLINGO on the GS2. This is obviously impossible without rooting the phone. I believe this is unacceptable from a user point of you who has chosen Android and SAMSUNG GALAXY S2 for its power and ability to be customized. Furthermore silence from VLINGO and SAMSUNG on this issue is pretty disturbing. Right now, I am seriously considering selling my GS2 and going for the latest HTC which doesn’t have that problem….GUYS DO SOMETHING!

  • Samreen

    Does vlingo work with Wifi ?

  • Samreen

    My google voice assist works just fine with wifi but cannot use vlingo pls help

    • Dang

      Be thankful that it does not work!

  • Guest

    I would do anything to remove Vlingo from my Galaxy S2.   This phone would be perfect if it wasn’t for your bloatware poping up at the worst of times and utterly destroying my user experience.

    Shit like this is the reason Android is such a goddamned mess, and why so many people are forced to use custom ROMs.

    • nspjblac

      full marks to this guy^ vlingo is like a disease that pops up when you dont want it to

      like when im in lecture quickly checkin email with my phone on SILENT

      – on silent mode

      samsung why

      • nspjblac

        just fiured it out on gbread

        to disable vlingo welcome message (WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO DO!)

        open VOICE TALK
        menu->settings->voice talk settings->deselect speak prompts
        tested on gingerbread

      • Smile it is almost Friday!

        Did not work

  • Albguti

    It looks like wonderfull to me i would try to get a new samsung galaxy s II but vlingo has to be working in spanish as i am a latinoamerican user.

  • Ak

    Doues anyone know how to hang up a call when you get through to voicemail? Seems you can make a call without using your hands, but if you do not get through, what do you do? Any ideas??

  • Just b

    vlingo is garbage. it has ruined my phone for me. sgs2. please make something so i can turn it off or better yet, remove it completely.

  • Ray Dale

    This app just keeps starting by itself, can’t turn it off.
    WTF this has ruined my phone!
    Thanx a lot.


    It’s not a deal breaker but its damn annoying that everytime I accidently double tap the home button, it loudly exclaims “WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO DO!!!!????”

    • Floydian42

      Punch you in the face is what I always think when she says that!

  • DoubleActionCHL

    It’s crap.  It doesn’t recognize half of my contacts.  It kicks on and starts repeating “What would you like to do? BOOP-BOOP” over and over again until I kill the task.  This is my third Galaxy SII, and they’ve all had the same problems. 

    It thinks “Jeni” is “Jimmy.”  I’ve had different people talk to it and it does the same thing.  With some names, it thinks I’m trying to spell something.  Definitely not ready for prime time!!!

  • Vlingohater

    If this crap is on the next phone i’ll buy, i’ll will not buy it. Simple as that.

  • Yannick

    worst partnership since Lana Del Rey and SNL mmm…. and your Lana.

  • 123

    We believe it must have.. a removal function? Don’t think so…

  • Give my my phone back!

    Is there a virus killer for android that can remove this horrible software from my phone?

  • Amartya_pu

    it is a piece of junk

  • Trolllllll

    Just let me delete it. Every time when I accidently double click the home button it pops up with an annoying bleep. It’s not that hard to update this shit with a disable button.

  • SamsungUser

    Not so great software since the last software update….GINGERBREAD.XWKJ3 Vlingo starts spontanious… drives me crazy!

  • Phredog

    Honestly why would I upgrade to such a terrible product?  How about telling us how to delete the damn thing?

  • Phredog

    Don’t you mean a “must have not”? This app comes with everything but the most important part; the OFF button!

    How about telling you victims how to remove it?

  • Phredog

    Try reading your own blogs! We want it gone. I want my BT headset button to NOT call up your crappy app!

  • Phredog

    The only people buying Samsung phones are those who have never heard of ‘voice talk’.  How much negative press will it take to wake you floks up?

    I have yet to encounter anything positive that has been said about your product.

    Only a pathetic company like Samsung would pre-load thier phone with your product.  I bet they did not know it completely hyjacks the BT headset. 

    Congratulations on setting back Android!

  • Phredog

    Have you seen this?


    Your app is so hated.  I have been seatching the net for two days tryinig to figure out how to make it go away.  That is two days I can never get back. 

    I am out $600 because of your lame app is making my phone useless.  Are you proud of yourselves?

  • Phredog

    “What woud you like to do?”

    “I would like to have a shooting rampage at Vlingo’s headquarters!”

    It has been years since I have been so angry.  You morons cost me $600.  I will harass you untily you comply.

  • Dang

    Your app ruined my first Adroid phone expereince.  Thank you Vlingo.  I will be returning my Samsung Galaxy, and buying an iPhone.

  • Dawg

    I was about to buy a new Samsung Galaxy.  I was looking for reviews when I stumbled across this site.  After reading all the complaints there is no way I will buy anything with your product on it.  IPhone here I come.

  • Emma Eschbach93

    Is there actually nothing we can do till they create an off switch? I’m pretty much convinced Vlingo is actually a virus and Samsung accidentally partnered with them unaware of the consequences. What kind of name is Vlingo anyway?

  • Thebullno1

    Cant uninstall this piece of shit without rooting

    • Tim

       You can disable it, by installing “Go Launcher EX” going to the app
      draw, pushing and holding (like you do on an iphone to make the icons
      wobble) and click the little red X in the top left corner. It will get
      rid of this thing. Don’t know if it works on all I’ve got a Samsung
      Galaxy S2 with Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3. After that you can just
      uninstall Go Launcher. If you please.

  • Stefan

     Vlingo is a peace of shit! I want it to go away!!!

  • Abercio Valois

    Let me uninstall it, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

    I hate it with all my heart!

  • George Nees

    It is rumored that the ICS update from Samsung will allow ‘Voice Talk’ to be disabled.  Is that true?

    If I purchase the “pay” version from Vlingo, will it replace ‘Voice talk’?  If so then is there a way to configure the “pay” version?  I would like to configure it to go away.  I am willing to pay so I can have my phone working.  After all I am out nearly $700 for the phone that is sitting in a sock drawer thanks to “Voice talk’.

  • Discusted

    I am desporate.  Please offer us some way to make your app go away!  Don’t you peple get it?  You have ruined our phones.  

  • Matthew Facchino

    I have found the best solution is to get her to say something offensive about her self. I currently have her saying “I am a stupid whore”

  • George Nees

    Let me guess……………. Vlingo is planning to on using ‘voice talk’ to put the wind in the sails of some upcoming giant IPO.  I am only speculating.  Well Vlingo you have way too much negative press for such an action to be successful. 

    I have committed myself to spending one hour per day bashing you on as many forums as I can.  I will do so until your crap is off my phone.

  • Rufus

    Oh please let us disable this app.  Please! Please!  Why must we live with this?

  • George Nees

    I went to a party last night.  There were about 12 people there.  I demonstrated them how ‘voice talk’ renders the phone unusable.  None of them will be buying any product with Vlingo on them.

    I showed the issue to our IT department.  I did so just in time.  They were planning on buying a lot of Samsung smart phones.  They know better now.  I will be demonstrating at the workplace of my girlfriend sometime next week.

    During the hockey game, they showed the new Samsung TV ad.  Let me guess their new TV is going to be using Vlingo.  Just want we need…..  Who needs a TV that mutes my favorite show and asks “What would you like to do?” and random intervals. I suppose there will be no way to configure or shut off the ‘voice talk’.

  • DogSniff

    I tried to root my phone for the sole purpose of getting rid of ‘voice talk’.  None of the ‘root kits’ work on the firmware I have.  I will try again later.

    I have given up waiting on the Vlingo to provide an update that can be disabled.

    • Fuck boy

      Just go here:
      It is very easy to root your phone or even do a custom ROM.  I have stock 2.3.6 and did it no problem.  Also, make sure you check out the unroot section because it has the actual 2.3.6 firmware so even if you got a brick you can bring it back to life with odin.  Have fun 🙂

      • George Nees

        You did not root your phone with Odin or any other app on that site.  I know a half-dozen people who have tried.  It does not work.  Odin and all the other apps just read out some public info from the phone, then put a lot of important looking crap in the screen.  After about two minuets they declare success, but nothing happens.  My friend proved it:  Reboot while holding down the buttons, then plug in your phone (according to the instructions).  Start the process with Odin.  After it reads the firmware and stuff it will say “Waiting xxx”.  Unplug your phone.  Odin will finish waiting then put some more important looking crap on the screen.  After another minuet it declares success without the phone even attached. 

        The so called “One click root” do pretty much the same thing.  All of that crap is vapor.  It might even be “spyware”.

  • George Nees

    There is no way to e-mail Vlingo directly.  Samsung customer assistance  can not help.  I have asked, and posted my real e-mail but do I hear from Vlingo?  No I do not.  All I want to know is if I PURCHASE the the PAY version of
    Voice Talk then can it be disabled, and will that disable the built in version?  I guess  the lack of an answer means the answer is Vlingo has no clue.

    What this means is my Samsung Glaxy is still a paperweight.

  • George Nees

    Hahaha At the top of this web page is the word”Solutions”.  I clicked it.  I received an error that states, “Page not found”.   Does everyone see just how appropriate that is?

    I hear a rumor that “ICS” for teh Galaxy Note will finally allow “Voice Talk” to be disabled.  There is talk of a lot of other features.  I do not care about the others features.  There is only one important feature….. The feature that allows me to turn off “voice talk”.

  • George Nees

    I know a lot of Samsung Galaxy victims.  Oh, sorry I mean customers. One thing is pretty much consistent… They all hate ‘voice talk’. 

  • Gergo

    The Galaxy Note would be a pretty good phone, but this Voice Talk thing ruins it. Please make it possible to TURN IT OFF and possible REMOVE IT from the phone completely. I would like to have the standard and much more functional Google Voice Search enabled for the double-press-home action.  Thanks in advance!

  • George Nees

    I can not get a response from Vlingo.  Out of desperation, I downloaded Vlingo from the Google market.  I was hoping it would replace ‘voice talk’ with something that can be configured.or turned off.  Well, evidently there is no configuration. 

    It does not help.  Dumb ass ‘voice talk’ still pops up with its all too well known terms of service unpredictably.

    Yo, Vlingo. I am willing to pay cash (up to $100) to get ‘voice talk’ removed for good.  Please help!  Please, Please, Please!

    I tried to root my phone.  I could then maybe remove both ‘voice talk’ and the stupid ‘social hub’.  Neither ‘Odin’ or ‘Super One Click” work on my phone.

  • George Nees

    I spent hours today trying
    to root my phone today. I want ‘voice talk’ gone!

    I never had a problem
    disabling that trash you called ‘nuance’ on my old phone. It was simple! I just
    removed the fucking button on the side of the damn thing.

    Now why can’t you morons
    just let us disable your latest atrocity?

    Are you people completely stupid?

    I just want to use my damn $600 phone without your supid app popping up at random.  Please!

  • George Nees

    When I figure out how to make this damn app go away, I will
    offer removal as a service.  I will ask
    $25.  People will most certainly be
    willing to pay it.

    Obviously Vlingo has no interest in taking responsibility for undoing the damage.


    I charged $10 to remove ‘nuance’ from the older flip phones.  The stupid button on the side of the phone
    brought it up every time the user pulled his or her phone out.  Of course there was no way to disable it,
    except for removing the button, and filling in the hole with silicone rubber.

    Before I bought my Galaxy Tab, I had never seen the ad promoting
    the ‘Voice Talk’ feature.  Had I seen the
    ad, and had I read all the blogs I would have never bought the phone. 


  • Bestofluck

    All these people have bad things to say about “Voice Talk” and “Vlingo” yet there is no press release, no apology, no answer.  There must be a million phones out there that have been rendered nearly useless.  What has Vlingo to offer us?  Nothing!

    I just went to Google and entered ‘Voice Talk”.  There are 333 million results.  I obviously did not look at them all.  I did click on a dozen or so, and not very many of them have anything flattering to say.

    If the Yugo came out last month, I bet the negative press against Vlingo would rival that of Yugo.

    Vlingo, you have a crisis on your hands!  Action should be taken YESTERDAY.  You should offer an immediate downloadable update that will allow those people who have no use for your product to turn it OFF.

    Your product pops up in the middle of phone calls, and so on.  The customers who have been suffering all this time are long lost.  The longer you wait, the more you loose.  We need some action NOW.

  • George Nees

    Another week has passed an d millions of people are still unable to fully use their phones.  Vlingo has a lot to be ashamed of.

    I am questioning the rumor that ‘Android 4.0’ will offer the ability to remove or disable system apps.  Even if it does, those of us who made the mistake of buying the ‘Galaxy Note’ will not see it for months. 

    Our only hope is that someone will figure out how to root the latest firmwares.  ‘Super One Click’ and “Oden’ can not mount the file system on my phone as writable.  I am stuck with ‘Voice talk’ and therefore my phone is just a ‘brick’.  I am due to go to Asia again soon.  I guess I will be using my old phone.  Tanks Vlingo!

    Samsung just passes the ‘buck’. Nobody at ‘Vlino’ is ‘man’ enough to admit to the problem.  Sure they acknowledged that the double click problem exists. Yes, that is better in later firmwares.  But what about all the other problems?

    I did use my real name and email. Vlingo can reach me.  I am pretty sure, by now, that the ignore this.  I am just posting in the hope that potential future customers will see this and avoid any phone that contains ‘voice talk’.

  • Shit

    I guess the big question is do I have to hold a gun to someone’s head to get this off my phone?

    • George Nees

       Just put your phone in the microwave.  Might as well if it has Vlingo on it.

  • Shit

    I wonder what the penalty for inciting a riot is in Mass. Clinton sucks!

    • George Nees


      Clinton?  You must be using ‘Vlingo Text to Speech’ to dictate. Hahahaha

      A riot?  Good plan!

  • George Nees

    What if Pepsi discovered that 80% of their bottles could not be opened due to some defect in the bottle cap?  Pepsi would fix it immedeately.  They would offer free replacement bottles of Pepsi.

    I find it amazing that Vlingo and Samsung are content to suck up all the negative press for all these months.  What a stupid business plan.

    Does anyone else out there see my point?

  • George Nees

    So Vlingo, you still will not just come out and say that the
    partnership with Samsung has been a disaster for customers.  So long as not enough people know about it,
    the phones continue to sell.  You folks
    have defiantly earned yourselves a spot on the “wall of shame”.

  • Phil_goulet

    I am so incredibly upset that I cannot permanently destroy this app from my phone. Ruined android experience. half the time mine goes after pushing the home button only once. It is causing me anger issues, I want to snap my S2 in half.

  • galaxy s2 owner

    Vlingo sucks… get some real people to make something decent..

  • Mslkfqmslfj

    How can I get rid of this shit application?

  • George Nees

    I purchased my Samsung Galaxy Note in February.  It is still a paperweight because Vice Talk completely took the Bluetooth headset from me.  If course ‘Voice Talk’ pops up at random when I am talking.

    My brother called me up to announce he bought a Samsung.  I did not even ask the model.  I just said “It has Vice talk, take it back ASAP”.


     When Android 4.0 is ready for my Samsung Galaxy it had better offer some way to make this moronic app to go away.  I am tried to playing “nice guy”.  Samsung and Vlingo are going to pay for such stupidity.

    Oh, Vlingo, are you scared?  Are you going to call the law and say your are being threatened.  Well, GO FOR IT, but it will do you no good at all.  I am even giving my read email because I am that confident that NOTHING will happen.

  • J Foley

    please: I just want it off. It’s caused so many problems, I have no idea what it’s about, just stuffing me up.

  • George Nees

    Why do so many users keep focusing on the so called ‘double click’ problem? Hello, the problem with ‘voice talk’ is the fact that it takes control of the Bluetooth earpiece. Using my phone while driving is illegal without an earpiece. That is why my very expensive phone is in my sock drawer. I can not use it unless I somehow remove ‘voice talk’. Search all you like, there is now way to reclaim the earpiece from ‘voice talk’.

    Three months and my Galxy Note is still a ‘rock’.

  • Osamason

    We think that the removal possibility is “must have”. Clear?

    • John

       You can disable it, by installing “Go Launcher EX” going to the app
      draw, pushing and holding (like you do on an iphone to make the icons
      wobble) and click the little red X in the top left corner. It will get
      rid of this thing. Don’t know if it works on all I’ve got a Samsung
      Galaxy S2 with Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3. After that you can just
      uninstall Go Launcher. If you please.

      • JC

        BRILLIANT – just did so and it appears to have gone! Yipee!

        (I didn’t have the ‘Voice Talk’ in my apps listing as stated above earlier so couldn’t do it that way!)

        Thanks for the advice. Now, if only someone can manage to fix the pre-installed ‘swype’ and I’ll be happy (ICS update was the biggest mistake I ever made with this Galaxy s2)

  • Liam

    You can disable it, by installing “Go Launcher EX” going to the app draw, pushing and holding (like you do on an iphone to make the icons wobble) and click the little red X in the top left corner. It will get rid of this thing. Don’t know if it works on all I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S2 with Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3. After that you can just uninstall Go Launcher. If you please.

    • George Nees

       I have gingerbread.  I can confirm for you that “Go Launcher” has no such feature under gingerbread.  I am waiting on Ice Cream Sandwitch to install.  I am SO hoping that I can remove ‘voice talk’ from my currently not usable phone.

    • Chytchoo

       Excellent easy solution… also allows easy uninstalling of other any other annoying or outdated apps

    • Pat

      My hero!!!!
      Vlingo s*cks big time. No more problems now, thx!

  • muster

    I hate voice talk. It starts on its own and cannot be disabled or removed. It prevents my battery from charging and stops the charging too when you’re trying to.

  • George Nees

    Just wondering who said “voice talk” was a “must have”?  I am pretty sure no person who ever owned a phone with “voice talk” whould say that.

  • George Nees

    OMG…. OMG…. OMG.  I downloaded the ICS update to my phone.  I went into settings>applications, then scrolled down to ‘voice talk’.  I hit the DISABLE button.  IT IS GONE, GONE, GONE!  The iccon is GONE!  I have been listing to Pandra for 10 min and ‘Voice talk’ has not popped up!

    I left my bluetooth headset at work.  I will know first thing in the morning if it is truely 100% gone, and never to return!  I have tears in my eyes!  I can use my phone now!  It is finally MY phone and not VLINGO’s damn phone!   

  • George Nees

    I was able to make ‘Voice talk’ go away once ICS installed.  But of course now NOTHING works with my BT headset.  At least ‘voice talk’ no longer pops up at random intervals.

    I have concluded the following 

    1. Google has made it too easy to quickly kluge together Android devices and apps that are unreliable (for example ‘voice talk’).
    2. Android is to immature a product for the masses.  Maybe by 8.0 the bugs will be worked out.
    3. Samsung lacks the experience in the phone business to make a reliable device.

    I have written off my purchase of the Galaxy Note as an $600 mistake.  Such a mistake will not be repeated.  It is a handy tablet.  I will use it for a calculator, Pandora, etc when near a WiFi hotspot.  The device is far to unreliable to ever be usable as a phone.

  • Geroge Nees

    Voice talk GONE!


    This will likely be my last post.  I just wanted to help all the victims out
    there.  Once you get the Samsung flavor
    of ICS (Android 4.03) you will also get 
    an update to ‘Voice Talk’.  This
    version behaves and does not ignore the settings.


    To make ‘Voice talk’ gone forever go to
    Settings>Applications>All.  Scroll
    down to ‘Voice Talk’.  Tap on “Force Stop”,
    “Clear Data”, then “Disable”.  While you
    are there you can do the same to ‘Social Hub’.


    Once you exit, even the icon is gone.  YES!  The
    only catch so far is the Bluetooth headset appears to be completely
    disabled.  Evidently stupid Samsung “wired”
    it to ‘Voice talk’.  As I had stated in a
    previous post, ‘Voice talk’ hijacks the headset.  Well, once ‘Voice talk’ is gone so is the
    headset.  Perhaps there is another setting
    that I have not stumbled upon.

    • Bmsaccon

      I haven’t installed yet, (but done it twice before to try keep it calm down), but it offer each 5 minutes, first with disclaimer form samsung then with ask for agreement from Vlingo. Its sucks…..

      Thank you so much…  I think it will save battery as well.

    • larryx

      I did it but although now it does not start to talk, it does ask me to sign some agreement that I decline only to have it pop up again and again.
      Real crapware that should not be allowed to continue.

  • Elize Bothma

    Voice talk sux, worst app everrrrrrr!!!!!!!

  • Janinehobin

    You can channel the settings on vlingo so it says nothing. And Oscar silent. I’ve just disabled voice search and talk. But no change. Oh well… In another 18 months I can get the iphone 5. :-

  • Janinehobin

    I see Samsung also has a problem with autocorrect too LOL. what I was trying to say was… You can change the settings for vlingo to make the woman say nothing. Or do what I did… Make her say “I love balls!” whichkinda takes the edge of the complete crapness of this app…

  • dave

    Absolutely horrible, hopeless, app.  Never, ever, worked.  Samsung should sell S2 without this app on, as people would pay more.

  • David

    I will pay you £100 to you to get your software OFF my Samsung S2 permanently (correct email attached).  It makes my phone hopeless.  I have had phones for >20 years and I can not remember any software, ever, as bad as this.

    That’s £100 hard cash just to leave me alone.  To anyone considering Vlingo – honestly mate .. it’s simply atrocious, and simply can’t be uninstalled.

  • Øyvind Alexander Frivold

    my phone keeps shutting down, and refuses to recharge.before usually i have 20 h of battery(wich is little enough) but lately, scince vlingo, i am out after 6 hours.

    also vlongo keeps asking me to accept their terms of use and i press decline only to get a message that say i have to accept. it cant be legal to force me to sign their terms. smells like a lawsuit.

    so i wonder if i accept, could i tell vlingo to delete itself?
    main reason i bought the samsung was to have more freedom to choose my own apps.

  • Cicciocazzo

    buuuu.. let us disinstall this shit!

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  • Hj

    Yay, voice talk gone! Use the go launcher method, it’s explained several times in the comments. It is… yes, it is really gone!

  • Marc

    Vlingo because of you i will never buy a android product again! You suck. Every 4th time or so i hit the “home” button and your annoying voice asks me “What would you like to do” So unproffesional, i can’t live with it.

  • Marc

    Or a samsung product for that matter. Not as long as they cooperate with your crappy bloatware

  • Marc

    Vlingo = “A must avoid” 

  • woo!

    I love it when people put shit on my phone without asking me!

  • Shit app

    I hate Vlingo so extremely fucking much. Fuck the asshole who thought it would be a good idea. The dubbleclick idea can suck my fucking dick, as it think I doubleclick when I click ONE time. I would rather buy an LCD phone than another one with Vlingo. You have ruined a great phone with this shit. /sgs2 user

  • Meadows

    When this contract is up, I’m taking a 20 lb sledgehammer to my Galaxy SII and buying the latest iPhone..

  • Natasha

    Finally removed it from my Galaxy S2. I had been using GoLauncherEx for ages and didn’t know that it would do the trick. This is what I did:
    (1) I went to the Application Manager to Force Stop the Voice Talk application and cleared its defaults.
    (2) I went to the Application Drawer, found the Voice Talk button and pressed and held it till it wobbled. Then clicked the small ‘x’ which GoLaucherEX gives you on top of the VoiceTalk icon, and its gone! gone! gone! Yes! Yes! Yes!

  • Daniel

    This software destroys your phone. It is sad that Samsung have not come out with a clear, unambiguous statement on this horrible issue which has affected so many of their users.

  • anki1110


    To Disable the voice talk I went to
    Settings>Applications>All. Scroll
    down to ‘Voice Talk’. Tap on “Force Stop”,
    “Clear Data”, then “Disable”.

    But even after doing so, my phone switching back and forth to “car mode enabled”
    Also this repeated on/off do not let me use my hand set and I face following issues:
    – It do not let me charge the device.
    – It refreshes my webpage again and again with on and off of car mode.
    – It do not let me access any application and keep on loading it again and again due to continuous on/off of car mode.
    Please help me out!!
    To cut it short. The device is not usable for me. Not at all..!!!!

  • ANdy

    I want to destroy my phone because of this piece of shit “What would you like to do?”. I hate it so much!!!!!!

  • Ed

    it ruins whatever it is on. awful app

  • Ed

    Help me get this crap off my phone.
    It is totally useless.
    Completely infuriating.
    Blares out “what would you like to do?” at all sorts of inappropriate times.
    I will not buy another phone with this on.
    I will throw this phone at a wall.


    Worst thing EVER! I cannot root my phone, as I stupidly use Straight Talk, and it won’t work on my Samsung Galaxy S2 because I’m running Gingerbread, so the Go Launcher Ex app doesn’t work. You guys RUINED a phone I POURED so much money into. I will be replacing mine and my boyfriend’s phone to probably an iPhone at this point. Great going, Samsung and Vlingo! My phone is RUINED. My battery dies in 3 hours, every five minutes Vlingo is popping up or a Samsung Disclaimer.

    I adored you, Samsung. But you just ruined everything. NEVER buying another Samsung again. EVER.


      And you guys are an absolute worthless, piss poor company, Vlingo. How can you and Samsung just STAY SILENT on this issue with so many people complaining and having problems!?

  • James

    This dumbass PoS hasn’t matched a single name I’ve spoken from my contacts. And there’s apparently no way to train the friggin’ thing. What crap!

  • guest

    I absolutely agree. I hate Vlingo from the bottom of my heart! Useless menace and I wow not to buy any more Samsung products in the future!

  • Galaxy Note

    Just downloaded and flashed the international version of Android 4.04. The first thing I noticed was the absence of VoiceTalk. That was a wonderful feeling!

  • Guest

    I do not understand your business model at all.

    You sold your product to Motorola. I think it was called “Nuance”? Well Motorola put the damn button right where any normal person would hit it when we picked up the phone and opened the clamshell. Of course we were always greeted with “How may I help you”, of something like that. I surgically removed the button from my phone and all my friends phones. I think you offered the same to LG. Anyway your product is so hated that we voided the warrantee on out phones to be rid of it.

    Later Voice Talk appeared on the scene. It drove people insane. Unfornutnatly I bought my Glaxy Note before I saw the commercials. Had I seen the ads I would have passed it by.

    Remember that you offered no way to disable it. My phone spent nearly four months in a sock drawer. I could not use it thanks to your product.

    Later I was able to make it go away.

    I have a Galaxy S4. I rooted it and removed the included voice product first thing. I did so before I ever even put a SIM in the phone.

    Anyway, with such a reputation I do not see how you stay in business.

  • larryx

    Vlingo is a real piece of crap. some how it comes on by itself and starts to speak. I have the phone in my pocket and am in a serious meeting and all of a sudden it starts to talk. I have to reach into my pocket and hit ‘CANCEL’ or the other buttons to figure out how to stop it.

    I have a Galaxy II with android 4.0.3 and can not uninstall it.


  • George in Singapore

    Way back when ICS came out I was able to put Voice Talk go to “sleep”. I was very thankful that I could finally use my $600 phone after owning it for six months.

    Later I rooted my phone and removed Voice Talk forever.

    About a year ago I downloaded and flashed the phone with a clean image. The absence of a Voice Talk brought a smile to my face. I do not know if Samsung finally got smart or if someone just removed it from the image.

    My sister in law is happy the phone and thankful that no hint of Voice Talk is present.

    After the nightmare your company put me through, the first thing I do when I get a new phone is root it and remove any and all forms of voice command apps.

    Please think before you release!

  • Phred

    Somebody just gave me a used Samsung Galaxy Note I. The first thing I did was to root it, install sys app remover, and dump voice talk.

    Terrible app

  • Joel Legazpi

    Hi! if you want to get rid of the vlingo app called” voice command” just download the “Go Launcher Ex” application. u can delete the voice command application with Go Launcher because the icon appears on the home screen. all you need to do is to hold the icon for 3 secs then click
    “x” . try double tapping the home button and you will see the result. i hope it helps a lot. thanks!

    • KirkO

      wow it worked

  • Smile it is almost Friday!

    I rented a car in the USA. When I got in I saw a tab, or a button on the steering column with the vlingo logo. I asked for a different car.