IntoMobile posted an in depth review of the Galaxy S II that included a full paragraph about the Vlingo-powered Voice Talk feature.  Among other points, the reviewer states that Voice Talk is a nice addition on top of the native voice.  We love to hear it!  Here’s the full paragraph on Vlingo:


Vlingo is pre-installed on the Galaxy S 2, and you can access the voice commands menu by pressing the home button twice, no matter what application you’re in. Android has voice actions built-in, but the addition of Vlingo is nice. From the menu, you can activate voice actions by saying, “Hey Galaxy,” and you’ll be asked by a very nice lady what you’d like to do. From there, you can make a call, send a text, get driving directions, or write a memo right with your voice.


You can check out the full article by clicking here.


If you have any questions about Voice Talk, send them to us @Vlingo on Twitter or




  • Simon Sage

    ‘Grats on the preload, guys! 

    • TJ

      Thanks, Simon. Appreciate it. We’re pumped, too!

  • Gian

    It doesn’t work with my Galaxy S II, I keep getting this error:

    I need this app to work in spanish (my native language), actually it works in english only.

    • Sylervin

      Did you go into setting and change to espanol.

  • Almansnr

    It only works when online …. People are not normally online when driving
    Why dont they do an offline version so we can use it when on the move as required rather than at home when we dont need it

    • Susan

      It’s targeting smart phone users who have an online connection.

  • Almansnr

    But its is a fantastic software … just too bad it doesnt work when driving (without online connection)

    • Sylervin

      What do you mean. In driving mode it do work. If you need to navigate turn your GPS on.

  • Ghostl2ider

    i have the Sumsung Galaxy s 1 vibrant, i installed vlingo awhile ago and it worked fine but i deleted it bc got a blueant Q2 so i had the voice text but it only reads the text…

    NOW… my Question is i tried to download Vlingo again and now its telling me i have no space on my phone, but i have 13gbs free and my sd card is a 32bg… so i have way more then enough space…. how can i fix this because i really want this app!!!

  • Daybreak0

    Sheesh a manual would be good – I see your videos, but cant for the life of me get Vlingo to respond to any like “Hey Vlingo”. I always have to tap and then speak. Secondly there is no exit button to get out of it by voice command, or I cant find one or say anything that exits. That would not be such a problem, if the software was not buggy, and every bump in the road causes it to ask me how can I help you, and within one second, it tells me It cant understand me, and asks again over and over and over, until I turn it off in disgust.

    • Susan

      Turning it off is the smartest thing u can do.

  • Daybreak0

    I am taking back the part of every bump causing it to talk – I turned of the double Tap to phone feature to activate voice and it went away. Still adding the others mentioned, and also adding a voice training would probably get round the other issues – as it is for me it is useless.

    • Kingsmill

       Thankyou, THANKYOU, the only problem i had was the fact it kept activating while i drove and i couldnt find how to turn the tap feature off 🙂

  • Gsmguru23

    love this  mobile phones very very much. Its features are really outstanding.

  • Le Gio

    Non mi funziona su galaxy s II, se ad un contatto corrispondono piu’ numeri (es. cellulare e casa). cosa devo fare?

  • Craig

    Love this app but it has stopped working and I can’t get it back. It opems and asks what would I like to do but the listening mike doesn’t appear tried reinstalling but no joy also it has switch off my talk typing in text etc. just says getting.ready.

  • Go2ape

    Please enable voice to be spoken from vingo to bluetooth headset instead of handset. Not good to need phone out of your pocket whilst using headset and driving or to need to see screen etc 

    • Leion44

      you can. just click on voice talk, then on the bottom menu button, then on settings and you can enable for use with bluetooth headsets

  • Schwanejo

    Daybreak0 is one of those “crybaby, I don’t understand why I have to pay for an upgrade fee when i’ve been such a great customer people.” So, shut the hell up, and let the people who aren’t technologically retarded handle the real smartphones. Go get yourself a basic flip phone and stop wasting your time.

  • jaggi

    this stupid thing refuses to find any of my contacts either on my phone or gmail… arghh

    • Leion44

      check your settings mine works like a dream

  • Taza

    hey with an update could you get it to read out the persons name who has sms’d you and not the phone number as long as it is in contacts. also if tou could ask it to read aloud new sms messages like say read new msms/message oyherwise a grat app

  • sunil

    need voice talk by vlingo for iphone 4, where can i download the same

    • Leion44

      Buy a Samsung Galaxy S II and get rid of your crappy iphone

  • Parkrochester

    How do you playback or access the memos on this thing?

  • Lara

    It wont work without data connection as the Galaxy S2 is using the new Bluetooth 3.0 interface which requires data connection.Phones with the previous 2.1 Bluetooth interface did not need internet connection.



  • Jasmine

    is there a way to change the woman’s voice to a man’s on

  • Doug

    I want to know that too..I put several memos on it but I can’t figure out where to find them.

  • Timo Krasila

    How can I uninstall that idiot program (Voice Talk)

  • Phredog

    You would think Vlingo would allow us to turn the damn thing off.  It hijacks the headset.  Every time I try to use it with Skype, it says, “What would you like to do?”.  Voice Talk is a terrible product.  I think I am going to return my phone because of it.

  • Mads

    Anyway to turn it off? Its ruining my Battery, and it goes into driving mode constantly.

  • Billy

    How can I turn this crappy software off?

  • Kirsty

    How do you uninstall Vlingo voice talk from samsung galaxy s2?

  • perplexed

    i also can’t find the memos!

  • Degekste10

    This aint working right.
    I almost cant call anybody using this app on galaxy 2 when i updated to ics
    On 2.3.5 it was working better

  • NL

    I can’t find my memo either.  I have a friend who has the same issue.  I had another friend tried it and hers appear on the Memo app which came with the phone.  I don’t know why mine and my friend’s don’t work…  It says it’s saved, but can’t find it anywhere and it’s driving me crazy.

  • DrFriendless

    How do I remove this shit from my phone? It’s intrusive and I don’t want to use it.

    • Susan

      It is intrusive and one of the ways “others” can not only listen in, but record your private calls and share this with as many as they choose. The know how to do this is widespread by certain groups, if you catch my drift.

  • Kburkes

    FOR THE SAMSUNG GALAXY S2 ON TMOBILE I have the answer to “where are my voice mail memos and how do I retrieve them?”
    1. Open your list of apps and find the app labeled “utility” and open it
    2. You should see 7 files labeled calculator, memo, mini diary, task, videos, voice commands, and voice recorder
    3. Open the “memo” file and you’ll see your voice memos you left on Vlingo’s voice talk

    I too hated the app and couldn’t find my stuff but now that I have my stuff and I dont have to dial while driving, I actually like the functionality of the app

    Hope this helps.

    • Anon Hidden X

      i’m in australia on telstra, mine has no such app. where else to look?

    • Letsgolooking

      how did you get it to work? Mine doesn’t work at all.

  • trapezium

    How can I replace the woman’s voice with the braying of a startled donkey?

    Oh, and how do I uninstall Vlingo. It’s a pain in the neck.

  • Davidwhidden

    How do u uninstall this stupid ass app called voice talk its crap

  • Bla

    How can I uninstall Vlingo? PLEASE give me THAT choice !!!

  • Aydinca78

    İ want Turkish voice talk pleace!!!

  • Chefg50

    VINGO Is 1 of the best as I have ever download it is so conveØnient for the car while I’m driving hearing your voice to text and not have to look them it’s a great safety feature for driving

  • Maple

    How do you uninstall this piece of shit. Did you actually auto-install a piece of incredibly invasive software with NO option to remove?

  • Jesus

    You should really make vlingo available in Spanish….

  • dr.paul

    In order to uninstall Vlingo check:
    “Here are the steps:
    1. Install and Activate Go Launcher EX from Google Play. It’s free!
    2. Open the app drawer.
    3. Press and hold on the blue Voice Command icon until it starts shaking.
    4. Click on the X button and choose uninstall. Follow the instructions.
    5. Optionally, you can uninstall Go Launcher EX.That’s it. It’s that damn simple. And the bonus here is that you can do the same procedure on other crapwares that comes with the official ROM. It worked on my Samsung Galaxy S II running the latest Ice Cream Sandwich for SGS2.”

  • IHateVlingo

    Vlingo is absolutely ridiculous.Its so irritating and it the “what can i do for you”is extremely awkward especially at school or work.Some times, my handphone is stuck on vlingo and I have to press the home button many times to exit the app.It also wastes your handphones battery.Samsung, please dont include vlingo in your other handphones.Most people find it useless.

  • barcilia

    why does vlingo keep popping up on my phone even when I decline it…

  • Bjorn Thorisson

    I have a samaung galexy minni 2 and the voice talk thing dose not work

  • Pussylicker

    Your voice command software is the shittiest piece of crap.
    Burn in hell, fuckin´wankers!

  • Malik Ashar Azeem

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    nice phone and it features are the very nice. The link below has the much
    information regarding it.telekupon

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  • saksit

    Good Samsung product a cheap on sales
    click more

  • vlingoSucks

    wow their website sucks just as bad as this crappy app. I can tell some real geniuses work here. it’s not even worth it for me to repeated what I had already written before the website erased everything. bottom line this is 90’s grade software. catch up you dumbasses. shame on you samsung for using this garbage

  • RicG

    How the hell do I remove this piece of crap called “Vlingo” from my Samsung SII? Phone sits there in an endless loop of downloading an update for Vlingo (that I did not ask for) and for the life of me I can’t find a way of stopping the download or deleting Vlingo. Has Samsung decided on a strategy of p*ssing customers off for the fun of it?. I also tried to email Samsung on their support page, but it was slow and failed several times.

  • Gauri Verma

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