A couple weeks ago Vlingo threw down the challenge to all myTouch 3G Slide “Genius Button” users: Download Vlingo for free and tell us how our voice recognition stacks up.

We also reached out to Android Central to get their objective view.

Well the results are in, and we’re proud to say that Vlingo has pulled a clean sweep!  We believe our Android voice recognition application stacks up favorably against anyone, but we are thrilled that our customers agree.  After all, it’s not our opinion that really counts.  Here are some highlights…

Pepsi Challenge Results – Vlingo in a Unanimous Decision

We asked myTouch 3G users who tried Vlingo to rate both the native functionality, and what Vlingo brought to the table.  Using a scale of 1 (Very Bad) to 5 (Excellent), we calculated the average score across 9 categories – and Vlingo beat the Genius Button in all 9 categories (Chart below).

Additionally, we asked the simple question, “Which performs better?” As you can see, customers preferred Vlingo by a wide margin.

Android Central Analysis – “Vlingo Wins the Showdown”

We provide the folks over at Android Central with a myTouch 3G Slide loaded with a copy of Vlingo and asked them to conduct their own investigation. They evaluated 10 features and functions, although slightly different than ours, either giving out 0 (poor), 0,5 (average), or 1 (strong) points for each .  And once again Vlingo comes out on top.  Here’s a quick summary of scores:

They included a detailed evaluation and a video showing the unscripted test and results on their blog here:


Whether you have the myTouch 3G Slide, or another Android device, Vlingo continues to prove that it belongs at the top of the class.  The best part?  You don’t even have to take our word for it.

TJ Leonard
Director, Product Marketing
  • Liber

    I agree that Vlingo is much better than Genius (it also needs three times more memory than Genius). The question is how to replace links from the search button and from voice-dial action from Genius to Vlingo. Short of rooting the phone and installing something like CyanogenMod, is it possible at all?

  • wakalapi

    I’ve used Vlingo for months as a Samsung Moment owner. When T-Mobile sent me a brand spanking new MyTouch Q the first thing I noticed was the Genius Button, which launched what appears to be a Vlingo wannabe app. I still downloaded Vlingo from the Market, because frankly, I’m just used to it and I don’t like having to learn which menus do what in new utility apps. I also wish there was a way to re-map the Genius Button to launch Vlingo, instead.

  • Ffejums

    mmmmmm vlingo can burn!!!! that craptastic deal they made to put that craptastic software voice talk on the galaxy sii  says we make craptastic products and force people to use them. WTF vlingo ??? voice command wasnt bad but why am i forced to use voice CRAP(talk)  on my phone for BT and every time I hit the home button twice. Id sue samsung if i were you. unless this was your idea and you like destroying your company. SCRAP voice talk in its entirity.

  • Ffejums

    I’m sorry about the excessive use of crap in that last post but I toned it down as much as I could. having a $800 device crippled by software that is forced on me makes me a bit…….