Hey Android users in the UK! Vlingo’s Virtual Assistant is now localized giving you more accurate speech recognition results as well as improved local search! Through Vlingo’s app or a homescreen widget, Android you can:

  • send a text or email message: “Text John; lets meet for coffee tomorrow morning”
  • search the web using Google or Yahoo!: “Premier league fixtures”
  • call a contact: “ring Jane’s mobile”
  • send and respond to messages, make calls, and get directions without ever taking your eyes off the road or hands off the wheel with Vlingo InCar
  • have incoming email and text messages read aloud via SafeReaderTM
  • update Facebook or Twitter status: “Update Facebook; in Covent Garden having lunch!”
  • check in, connect with friends, or shout out an update on foursquare
  • speak into any application with the Vlingo Everywhere voice keyboard
  • launch virtually any application: “open calendar”

Not a Vlingo for Android user yet? Vlingo’s Virtual Assistant is used by millions worldwide so why not try it for yourself? The Vlingo Virtual Assistant already gives you so much functionality but I can tell you that 2011 is going to be an exciting year with more releases giving you the best mobile experience ever! Don’t miss out – download Vlingo on device from the Android Market for free!

Note, Vlingo is also optimized for BlackBerry, iPhone and Nokia users in the UK.

  • Adi Graham

    Great news – when will the Iphone get the UK Virtual Assistant?

    • Keith

      When will VLINGO be able to read out the incoming caller’s name instead of the number (if stored in the phone book on the phone) ??

      If not stored, then UNKNOWN CALLER should be read out.

  • Adam Zaide

    I purchased Vlingo Plus Lifetime 13 months ago thru the Vlingo Website and have recently changed my device. Now that I am trying to move my license, it would not work because the terms and conditions say I need to ask support from the retailer I purchased from after 12 months. So I did contact Vlingo support because I purchased it from the website and NOT from any retailer. To my surprise, the customer service agents refuse to help me and keep pointing me back to the Ts and Cs. I have already told them numerous times that I DO NOT HAVE A RETAILER BECAUSE I PURCHASED FROM YOUR WEBSITE still they are saying they cannot help me. I am now stuck with no Vlinggo Plus and am very dissappointeed with the way I am being handled. It is not too hard to understand that I purchased from the website and I even provided a copy of my confirmation email from Vlingo for the purchase. Is this a matter of your agents not understanding the situation? Why do they keep pointing me to go to my retailer when I have no other retailer but Vlingo??? This is very dodgy and poor customer service.