At Samsung’s much anticipated Unpacked event February 13th at Mobile World Congress,  Samsung anounced a major partnership with Vlingo for its new flagship smartphone – the Samsung Galaxy S II.

Vlingo has adapted its technology and functionality to bring its Virtual Assistant to all Galaxy S II devices worldwide.

With Samsung Voice Commander, many of Vlingo’s current features will be available to Galaxy S II owners, like social updates, messaging, email, handsfree communication via InCar, voice dialing and search.

Additionally, Vlingo created new features around voice memos and music search unique to the Samsung Galaxy S II device.  Users can also initiate commands simply by double-tapping the home screen button, making it easier than ever to get things done while on the go.

Check out the on-stage demonstration from the event last night in the video clip below.


For carriers and OEMs interested in partnering with Vlingo go to

Vlingo will also be at Mobile World Congress on February 14 – 17, 2011.  Click here to set up an in-person briefing.

Let us know down in the comments what you think about this groundbreaking new partnership between Samsung and Vlingo.  You can also view more Vlingo demos on our website.