Last week, we launched Vlingo Everywhere a new feature of Vlingo Plus 4.0. Vlingo Everywhere makes everything on your BlackBerry easier to do…

Vlingo Everywhere has been well received by Vlingo users. Check out what people are saying!

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· Vlingo 4.0 Plus is a wonderful application whether you travel, frequently message, or just want the ease of using voice to perform your daily tasks. – CrackBerry 12/10

· No wonder Vlingo is selling like hot cake! The ease with which it can be used, the “versatility and the safety” that Vlingo brings to smartphones has prompted users to grab like crazy, thus making it one of the top-selling application downloads for BlackBerry users. – BlackBerry Insights Forum, 12/12

· We highly recommend Vlingo here at BerryReporter because of the difference it can make in your daily life – BerryReporter, 12/11

· The voice recognition hits are continuing to flow with Vlingo releasing version 4.0 of their application. Not only does the new version run on the new BlackBerry Bold 9700 (YEAH!!!!!), but it includes an awesome new feature- “Vlingo Everywhere”. – Gear Diary, 12/11

· Just updated vlingo plus to vlingo everywhere, everyone MUST get this app! – Fritzy4Life

· If you haven’t tried the new Vlingo 4.0 with everywhere you really should-jonkjon

· I am loving Vlingo Everywhere for SMS text, email and IM. Works like a charm as I keep my eyes on the road..- Mounder

· Ok so vlingo everywhere is not for twitter talk lmao but its awesome thanks for the hookup guys-BBMCHAT

· Just got Vlingo incredible program-franmella – vijaychattha

Special holiday pricing!!! We are continuing to offer Vlingo at a discounted price through the holiday season! Get Vlingo Plus, including Vlingo Everywhere for a onetime fee of $14.99 (normally $19.99). Current Vlingo 3.0 Plus users can upgrade for just $9.99. Get Vlingo on BlackBerry App World™ ( or from Vlingo (

Please note: current 3.0 Plus users who want to upgrade to Vlingo 4.0 Plus will need to download Vlingo 4.0 from After installing Vlingo 4.0 click on ‘Get Vlingo Everywhere’ from the home screen.

Don’t know about Vlingo Everywhere? For more information on Vlingo Everywhere, go to
Get Vlingo Everywhere!

Erin Keleher, Senior Marketing Communications Manager, Vlingo

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    Is vlingo 4.0 working fot htc one??