While most of the feedback around our recent Android release has been positive, we have noticed that some of you are unhappy with a couple specific changes.  First, that we removed the 1×1 widget.  Second, that we removed the Vlingo Keyboard.  We just want you to know that we’ve heard you, and offer up some more information.


Regarding the 1×1 widget…

We removed it mostly because we were adding new functionality within the app itself, and felt it made the 1×1 redundant.  We were also encouraged to reduce the number of widgets we offered, and thought this was the most obvious choice given the new Auto Listen functionality.


If you want to re-create the 1×1 experience you can in three east steps with our Auto Listen option:

1.       Open Vlingo and scroll to the bottom of the home screen.

2.       Click the “Auto Listen” box.  Once a green check mark appears, exit the app by pressing the “back” key.

3.       Go to the open space on the screen you wanted to install the widget, long press down, and select Vlingo from the Shortcuts>Application folder

Then when you tap the icon, it will launch the app and begin listening immediately (just like a widget!).

Please note that once you enable the auto-listen feature, exit the app by hitting the “Back” button.  If you hit the “Home” button the app will still be running the background and so auto-listen won’t be enabled.  We recognize this isn’t perfect, and we will be improving the Auto-Listen function with an update scheduled for later this month.  Appreciate your patience while we fine-tune this new option.


Regarding the Vlingo Keyboard…

We removed the keyboard primarily because it was taking more and more time (and requiring more device storage space) to keep it updated as we added languages.  We also felt our expertise wasn’t really as a company that makes keyboards.  There are other good options out there, from companies whose sole mission is to make great touch keyboards.

Starting with Android 2.2, you can still select Vlingo as the default voice-input option and have our service easily accessible via the microphone button on any Android keyboard.  Is it exactly the same?  Admittedly, no.  But we think we’ll be able to deliver more value to you over time by focusing on what we do best.


If you’re missing the Vlingo functionality as part of your keyboard, and you’re running 2.2 or higher:

1.       Go to Settings

2.       Select Voice input & output

3.       Select Vlingo under the Voice Recognizer drop down


Then you can access Vlingo via the microphone button on whatever keyboard you use!


For the roughly 25% of our customers who don’t have 2.2 or higher yet, please check with your carrier to see if an update is available.  If not, we apologize.  We expect all Android users to have the update within a few months, and we tried our best to strike a good balance.  We can only ask you to stick with us until the same keyboard functionality is available.


If any of you have questions, please send a note to us at www.vlingo.com/support or post a comment below.  We’ll do our best to answer each and every question as quickly as we can and incorporate your feedback into upcoming releases.


Thanks for the continued support.



  • Pablo Paciello

    Hello, I’m the owner of AndroidWidget.info. I wrote an article about your Vlingo Virtual Assistant for Android. Actually, this is an amazing app, I’ve tested it before writing the review and I was impressed. Feel free to send me your comments and/or suggestions. In addition, I added your site to my Widget Developers Directory, you can check it out on my site.

    link: http://www.androidwidget.info/vlingo-virtual-assistant

    As a suggestion, I would like to let you know that the icon-logo of Vlingo may be do not represent the virtual assistant too much. When I saw it in the Android Market, my first impression was that it could be a Wi-Fi or 3G connectivity app.

  • http://twitter.com/33Forward Jason

    I love it. Works great, and now opens most apps. I have only one complaint, and not sure if it has to do with my phone, or the app. I can use stock voice commands fine with a connected bluetooth headset, and easily make calls. Vlingo InCar recognizes when I turn on a BT headset, and starts up. But, all voice commands still require being close to the phone mic, without a noisy environment. I thought Vlingo InCar would listen for, and respond to you over a connected headset, to eliminate background noise in vehicles while driving? I’ve tried 2 headsets, and one visor mount. Vlingo recognizes them, but wont take commands from them?

  • Anonymous

    Can someone please explain to me what is improved in this update? Based on the way I’ve been using Vlingo, it’s all downhill. I simply don’t use it anymore. Even having to come here to do research is a lot more work then I want to put into one of many apps I use. If I can’t find an answer or best practice that allows me to get the same simple functionality as I had a couple weeks ago, it’s gone and forgotten. And all the people I turned on to it who have mentioned the crap upgrade, well I’ll just tell them to delete it too and go with Google voice dial. That’s all we use it for anyway, texting, calling, maybe a web search here and there. But never updating facebook, or twitter. Are you serious, do you think people do that?

  • Anonymous

    I just went to your support page, and the “How To” is for the old version. Really?

  • Robert221usa

    Horrible update.  Bring back the 1×1 widget your solution is terrible.  It worked fine why did you break it?

  • Asd Asd

    Bad choice, i had your app because of the keyboard & used the mic too. With the kets gone. I dont want the app any more.

  • Mark

    Vlingo removes keyboard from it’s app. I removed vlingo from my phone. I used Vlingo 40 to 50 times a day or more via the keyboard. It was the most important feature to me. It would have taken 5 minutes to create a poll on Facebook to gauge the importance of this feature to users. Please fire the dummy who signed off on gutting your app.

  • minergray08@gmail.com

    A well crafted explanation but only boils down to vlingo playing percentages. If your in the 25% then your screwed and don’t rate. No alternative offered. Bad view on business. You people suck..I’ll only grab your app regularly so I can give a bad review then uninstall. You DID NOT reflect that change under the heading of “recently changed” as you should have!! You screwed up.. make it right!!

  • Laura

    I love using a virtual keyboard with the exception is that there is no key to position the cursor within your text.  Is there a keyboard out there that has this?

  • Superunit

    Crap. The vlingo keyboard was the best ofany that ive teied for amdroid. its the onlt one that came.close to the iphone kwyboad, the omly rhing better aboui ios. do you see what youve doomed me to? thanks a lot.

  • Superunit

    Coulf you ay least suggest a keyboard similar yo vlingo?

  • Michael

    I would love this app if it was truly hands-free all the time, not just incar. I want it to run in the background and wake up by command, complete the function, and run in the background waiting for the next wake up command. For example:
    Hey Vlingo
    Yes Customer
    What is 15 percent of 10.00

    Hey Vlingo
    Yes Customer
    Call John xXx

    Hey Vlingo
    Yes Customer
    End Call

    I hope we can get it to a truly hands-free where the user never has to touch the phone. I will pay for that feature.

  • Frankpauly9

    The VLINGO keyboard is the best. If you can suggest a better one please do. I found the English version to be unrivalled. Please make it available again ASAP. Thank You Frank.

  • Doa

    As MANY others have stated, the Keyboard was by far one of the top keyboards, couple that with the fact that it worked seamlessly with vlingo only made it better.  The predictive word functions and the preciseness of the learning dictionary are a must.  Please just add the same keyboard you have as a separate app on the market.  Or somehow allow your loyal vlingo users to retrieve that keyboard from another user but please somehow get the keyboard back