iPhone Owners,

We’re very happy to report that a new Vlingo for iPhone release is now LIVE in the App Store.  The latest version of iOS introduced a few quirks that we’ve been able to fix.  The update released today includes:

  • Twitter updates are working again (!!!)
  • Fix to auto-sending SMS voice commands for iOS 4.1
  • Other bug fixes for iOS 4.1

** Please Note: You must be running iOS 4.1 in order to download the Vlingo update**

Thanks to all who reached out via Twitter and Facebook the last couple months, alerting us of any issues you encountered.  We appreciate the feedback, and just wanted to let you know that we were listening.  The app should be all shined up for your speaking pleasure.  Enjoy!


The Vlingo Team

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=750022832 Yaron Reiter

    what is the version number?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=750022832 Yaron Reiter

    what is the last version number?
    why vlingo sms and email only works with wifi on? not on 3g?

    • Jim M.

      SMS and text all day long using 3g. You on AT&T? Works just fine for me

  • JPB

    The latest OS version for software on the iPhone is ver. 4.2.1. I downloaded the free version of Vlingo today to test call dialing and it does not work at all.

  • kid

    why doesn’t the iphone have the in car feature that the android phones have and why is it not free like theirs is???

  • officer_dread

    I concur… why doesn’t the iPhone have the in car feature that the android phones? That is why I purchased it…. Is Vlingo looking at making this feature do-able and when?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FUMRUOES7MHR3Q7L37ZMPSXLAY passinthru

      because iPhone sucks.

      • Anonymous


    • Fakeemail

      no iphone doesnt suck you suck!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Helen-Thomas/100001165432208 Helen Thomas

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  • Darin Ramp

    Still have issues with receiving voice SMS. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Anxious

    The iPhone app really doesn’t do anything to reduce the distraction while driving. When are they going to have the In Car feature that makes it truly hands free?

  • Rkahan

    Why is there no Vlingo keyboard on the iphone. It makes it difficult to respond to a text or email using Vlingo. The way I see it, you can only initiate texts or Emails which is a disadvantage compare to the Android App

  • Mkimble515

    Why no In Car feature for iPhone. I BOUGHT the text feature. My son has Android and he got it for free, with the In Car. Since I’m obviously subsidizing you, I deserve to know why we don’t have the In Car .

  • Alan M

    Same here – only purchased the App after someone on Android showed it me and I assumed that the iPhone App would have the same features, but it doesn’t seem to have the In Car feature 🙁

  • Alan M

    Please can someone from the Vlingo team explain whether InCar for iPhone is being developed, together wth the reply to E-Mail features that are available for FREE on Android, and when these might be released ? Thank You.

  • Anonymous

    Now maybe people will realize why I got rid of my iPhone 3G and went Android. Best solution is sell your iPhone and buy the S2.

  • Alan M

    WHY won’t anyone from the Vlingo Team explain about the In Car feature for iPhone ?

    Seems a lot of people purchased the iPhone App expecting to get the In car feature,
    just like on the Android version which is FREE, and now Vlingo won’t even provide an explanation, or whether the feature will EVER be made available for the iPhone –
    This is very annoying and certainly isn’t the way to go about doing business with your PAYING customers.

    Customer Support ? – Let’s have some then !

  • joeh

    Vlingo Team,

    Is there or will there be the “InCar” feature for the iPhone?


  • Almarx

    My iphone 4 version is 4.3.5 and vlingo isnt working at all.. when i press the button and say a command, it just keeps on thinking.. why why why??? O.O

  • aaron

    may i know when will the in car feature be enabled for iphone released?

  • Frustrated!

    Um… all of you iphone complainers…

    Until iPhone 4s, there was never the ability to talk by pressing a little microphone button. Don’t blame Vlingo… Blame Apple for holding back even the most basic features that ALL Android phones have had for several generations.

    Now to get this feature on your iPhone 4 (which is clearly capable of handling voice input), you will have to buy the NEW phone, putting that much more $$$ into Apple’s coffers.

    If you want sleek and cool and to look like a hipster, then keep buying iphones. If you want a phone that works and gives you features we all use (voice search and text, google maps with spoken navigation, flash, etc), then get an android phone.

    Don’t get me wrong. I currently own the iphone 4 and the Droid Incredible 2. It’s a hard decision, but without having to shell out $700 for a new iphone, my android phone has more features I want and use every day. Maybe by the time I’m eligible for an upgrade, Apple will be caught up.



  • Tkosfury

    vlingo incar please for the iphone

  • Funny Steffi

    Hello team,
    When started the Beta Version of the iPhone App. with German dictonary?

  • Myfathersheart

    Why won’t it send my text?