Today we are pleased to announce that Vlingo InCar is available to all Android users.  Following the limited release of InCar two week ago, Vlingo saw an unprecedented grassroots response from its customers requesting InCar on Vlingo’sFacebookpage.  In just one week over 600 people from unsupported carriers left comments asking for InCar to be made available to them.  Here’s a sampling of those anonymous requests:

  • Need, need, need. But need it on my VERIZON HTC Incredible. Please?
  • I won’t eat or sleep until you release this on Verizon. Well…that’s not true. Would it help if I said “pretty please?” Alright. Fine. PRETTY PLEASE!!!
  • This app would certainly be well received by T-Mobile customers using Droid technology. The use of Vlingo as an added safety precaution should be mandatory for ALL, eventually becoming an industry standard. THINK OF IT AS A CELLULAR SEATBELT !!!
  • I love Vlingo. This would make it even better…AND safer. AT&T needs to add this to their app store.

For those of you unfamiliar with the recently launched beta feature, Vlingo InCar offers users:

  • Voice-driven, hands free initiation – Vlingo enters listening mode upon Bluetooth® connectivity
  • Voice driven, hands free initiation using a “wake up word”
  • Conversational user guidance instead of a touch screen
  • Ability to send and respond to messages, make calls and get directions using only voice commands

Vlingo also launched a new feature called “Vlingo Answers”.  Users simply speak to ask a question, in any form, and have the answer read to them, out loud, immediately.  Vlingo’s data currently shows that the most commonly asked question asked to date is “How many feet in a mile?” The answer: 1mile = 5280 feet.

In addition to Vlingo Answers and InCar, Vlingo can power most tasks on AndroidTMdevices. Users can simply press the “Vlingo widget” to:

  • Send text and email messages
  • Search the web using Google or Yahoo!
  • Update Facebook and Twitter status
  • Open built-in and  3rd party applications
  • Speak into any application with the Vlingo Everywhere voice keyboard
  • SafeReader – hear incoming text & email messages while you drive
  • SuperDialer – one-click calling to an infinite address book, and reviews, maps and directions for any business.
  • Foursquare – check in, connect with friends, or shout out an update on foursquare.

Today’s release also includes include several enhancements:

  • Bluetooth headset support for Vlingo and Vlingo InCar beta on AndroidTM2.2 (Froyo)
  • New “Vlingo Control” widget with a SafeReader skip control
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Availability, Compatibility and Price

Vlingo is available free of charge for Android 2.1, and above. Note Vlingo InCar beta is optimized for Android 2.2 devices.  Users worldwide can find and download Vlingo on device from the featured section of Android Market.  Note Vlingo is optimized for US English only. Click here to see Vlingo InCar in action.

In response to the great grassroots interest InCar generated, Vlingo’s opening its digital doors so you can tell us how Vlingo makes your life safer.  Submit a video through Vlingo’s Facebook Page for a chance to win several great prizes.  The winner will also be featured as part of a blog post!

Vlingo plans to roll out this functionality to other Vlingo supported platforms in a future release.

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  • zxcv

    Worked great until the in car beta update. Now it just crashes and closes at application launch. How do I find and install the previous version that actually worked?

  • Jennifer Thomas

    When will you release Vlingo InCar for iphone?

    • Rent A Car

      Yes, of course..

  • Dick Sommer

    InCar for Blackberry?

  • Donald Luscombe

    How abount incar and safereader for Iphone ? Far away ?

  • Android User

    The hands-free InCar thing is pretty neat, but it would be a whole lot more useful if I didn’t have to be sitting at the InCar screen already to use it.

    Can you make it run as a background service? If I’m in the car, it’s a fair bet that I’m already running the Navigation app on a road trip, or have Pandora playing some music, or whatever else. The point is to avoid having to fiddle with the touch screen, right?

    If I could say “Hey, Vlingo!” and then input a voice command, without having to push buttons on the phone, I would probably use it a lot more!

    • TJ

      A great suggestions. Only issue is battery life. We could have Vlingo listening, but it would finish off your juice in no time flat. One suggestion would be to install our Widget on your home screen. Then with just one tap on our InCar icon, Vlingo will start listening. We thought that was the best option considering usability, battery life and safety. Hope that helps.

    • Anonymous

      My old Verizon smart phone responded to a click from the blue tooth to activate listening. I used successfully used this for the past three years having just switched to Sprint last week. I have loaded Vlingo on my new Samsung Galaxys phone. Vlingo does not respond to anything whether attempting to use my Plantronics Voyage Pro ear piece or the internal microphone. I have cycled bluetooth off and on. The ear piece responds. Vlingo does not make the connection. I can make phone calls involving the ear piece so I know it works. Vlingo just seems to burn uip power without doing anything productive. Any ideas?

      • Sean

        I think the problem is that your bluetooth adapter doesn’t support A2DP.  A2DP is required for Vlingo to function over bluetooth.  If the bluetooth adapter supports it, it should say it on the product packaging.  Any of the Plantronics brand that I looked at didn’t say anything about A2DP, so I ended up getting a different brand which did say it supports A2DP and it works fine.

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  • Phil

    Love the concept and sometimes it works. A few bugs on my HTC Desire (running Android 2.2) and the bluetooth kit is hard wired into the car:
    – Vlingo talk back isn’t through the car speakers like the rest of the audio
    – often it seems that Vlingo can’t hear me
    – disconnecting the power / bluetooth results in the phone crashing unless I switch to the home screen first – in other words Vlingo needs to turn itself off automatically as well as on.
    But, I love the potential and can’t wait for the bugs to be sorted

  • Gardoglee

    I was excited to see this feature announced. I was less excited to discover it seems to not work at all with a Plantronics 835 Bluetooth headset on a Samsung Epic 4G, which of course has only Android 2.1 (perhaps the cause of the problem). Without this feature working with Bluetooth the whole application is much less useful to me, since the one place where I would use voice command is while driving, and I don’t think it is a good idea for me to be holding the phone to talk to Vlingo any more than it would be to hold the phone to make a phone call. Better than when I could not use it at all driving, but still seriously less useful. But maybe it works with speaker phone? And BTW, a command in Vlingo to switch the phone to speaker would not be a bad idea, either.

    • Hank

      I agree with Gardoglee. A command to turn on the speaker would be great. It can then be used without any Bluetooth device. A setting that will enable the phone speaker would be acceptable.

    • Anon

      Totally agree… If driving mode is activated (it only appears to turn on safe reader), then the speaker phone (espeically if no BT is connected) should be the default…

  • Machiraju

    The safedriver setting does not enable audio to bluetooth. Using HTC G2 with a Samsung Bluetooth headset. Bluetooth works fine for phone calls. Does not with with Vlingo in car.

  • Mooreak2003

    When will you release incar for the iPhone?

  • Kevin

    Let me start off by saying I love the Vlingo app on my Droid X. I use it all the time. I have one suggestion. When in my car I use my smartphone as my main source of listening to music. It would be nice when using Vlingo in regular mode or InCar mode to use the wake up command to mute all audio out sound so not to interfere with your Vlingo request. Once your request is completed then the audio out is unmuted.
    Thanks for a great product!!

  • Tyler4483

    i agree with so many other people regarding the in car app on vlingo, when will it be available for iphone i have purchased this app from istore and i am very disappointed with it in comparison to androids free version which has the in car app,

  • Matthew Taylor

    New use for Vlingo: entertainment. Try asking Vlingo silly questions like “who are your parents?” “what is your favorite song?” Spent a long car ride seeing what I could get it to answer. You would be surprised what it comes up with. Lots of funny answers!

    • Matthew Haist

      i have tried, nothing  No answer found for silly questions and teh ones stated 🙁

    • Geoffrey

      it also responds to “how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?”

  • Matthew Taylor

    Try asking Vlingo silly questions! like: “What is your favorite song?” “Who are your parents?” very entertaining!
    “Vlingo Answers” is funny!

  • Wlamot23

    Using InCar Beta on my Samsung Captivate with 2.2 and using with my KD-R900 JVC radio.

    When using software while streaming bluetooth music the problem is that the Vlingo volume is the same and you can’t hear the commands. Additionally when you speak any commands the microphone picks up your music too.

    Vingo InCar needs an option to mute the bluetooth streaming while you are either sending or receiving a message.

  • Ethelenfamily

    Please offer “In Car” to Blackberry on the ATT carrier!!! I purchased the plus for this purpose only to find it won’t do it! UGH.  It’s not hands free if you have to hold the convenience key and look to see if you are in the right box.

  • bummed

    Just updated vlingo for my samsung fascinate android and I lost functionality of my widget that went directly to speak now.
    I don’t like the large size of the control bar and normal vlingo widgets.
    I just want a small widget that takes me directly to speak now.
    Now either I try to figure out a way to do this or I find another application that has figured it out for me.

  • C Muir

    I’m told in the Android market place that my Orange HTC Sensation in not compatible and wont let me download. Why?

  • Abcmc

    Thank you it is awesome, safe and better than my old Nokia car kit.

  • Anonymous

    i can’t listen over bluetooth( android 2.3 G10)

  • Matthew Haist

    does the Incar mode, listen through bluetooth work with the Motorola Roadster?

    does the roadster hear the command and send it to the phone or is it my phones mike listening to my words?

  • Baomao123

    Can’t find it on the market. Has it been removed?

  • MinisterElam

    When will the “in car” feature be available for Iphone 4.  Several questions but no vlingo response. 

  • Blackberry (9930 Bold) user

    Is Vlingo going to have all these  features for the Blackberry users? The InCar and Vlingo Ask? I use now but am thinking about deleting. Blackberry users arent getting treated fairly. Their smartphones too.

  • Guest

    When I set the Volumn, loud is to loud and normal is to quiet, How can I adjust it?

  • Ellen

    how do you mute Vlingo?  I set my  Sound Profile to “Silent”, but Vlingo still read me an incoming text!!!

  • Froant

    how do i set up vlingo to receive and answer email on my droid 3 phone? i use webmail outlook web access. is this even possible?

  • Gerry

     I also could not get vlingo to speak an answer, then I changed language in settings from English UK to English USA, and hey presto it worked. Hope that helps somebody.

  • David Louden

    That is so great that you guys made it available on Android. Personally I find Android os more convenient and more advanced one than apple os (I mean iPhones to be precise) but I was always missing such an application for my device. Luckily with the help of this one everything becomes even more convenient.

  • Dcfabrice2005

    Yes! I second this former question VLINGO. When are you going to release the VLINGO INCAR version for iPhone? Is is going to be compatible with 3G, 3GS, 4, and 4S? I hope so, because it’s kinda unfair to leave us in the dark with HTC and ANDROID people bragging. I also hope it can function in sync with BLUEANT S4. Thanks.


    Installed on my new Verizon Galaxy S III and it closes when I try to use any ‘in car’ features. I used to have this program on my Droid Incredible and Incredible 2. Worked perfect on those devices. Maybe it’s an ICS issue?

  • Jennifer Conwells


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