Afternoon All,

On the heels of our launch yesterday, we wanted to clear up some confusion around Android’s 2.2 OS – Froyo – and whether or not Vlingo supports it.

First and foremost, Vlingo absolutely does support the 2.2 OS for Android. 100%. It’s a certainty wrapped inside an undeniable truth lined with a layer of complete fact.

So why then, you might be asking, can’t you download it from the Android Market to your device? That’s a little trickier, so please allow me to explain…

A few important factoids for you:

  • Froyo is not generally available, and therefore Google and the Android Market do not consider it an officially “released OS.” There are a few versions floating around, as well, and until Google pushes the official update what you have downloaded *could* be causing some of the incompatibility with Market.
  • Vlingo is a “copy-protected” application. All that means is that you can’t copy it for free and give it away to all your friends. We like you and all, but I think you can understand why we would copy-protect our app. This is common practice for paid apps in the Market.
  • Copy-protected apps will not show up on “pre-release” OSs (which is technically how many of the available Froyo versions are classified).

You see where this is headed now, I bet?

Bottom line is that as soon Google releases the official 2.2 OS update, Android Market will recognize it once you have downloaded. At that point Vlingo will show up as available for download and the world will be right again. We’ll certainly let you know once Android Market makes the change, and all you Froyo pioneers will be free to use Vlingo at your leisure.

I hope that helps to clarify the situation. Thanks to everyone for your questions. In the meantime, feel free to keep them coming either on Twitter @Vlingo or Facebook

TJ Leonard, Director of Marketing, Vlingo

  • Steve

    I used to use vlingo on my old Blackberry Pearl & now I have a Nexus One that I manually updated to 2.2/froyo. I signed up for the 50% off pre-order deal. My question is: will I still be able to take advantage of this once android 2.2 is officially released? Or, would I have to flash my phone back to android 2.1 to get this deal?

  • TJ Leonard


    Tough to give a definitive answer, as there are a few, slightly different versions of 2.2 out there right now. So the surest way to download Vlingo right now would be to revert back to an officially released/supported version of 2.1. Your Vlingo license will transfer when Google officially releases 2.2, so you will not have to pay twice for our application. That said, if you prefer to keep the more advanced OS, you will have to wait and download/update to the officially released version of 2.2 when it comes out. At that point, you should be able to download Vlingo on the Android Market.

    Hopefully that helps to clarify slightly. Please let us know if not. Thanks for the comment.

  • Dave

    Vlingo worked great on 2.1. Then yesterday I got the froyo update and now it doesn’t work. I hit Tap & Speak and it always tells me it didn’t catch that before I even say five words.

    • Dave

      Hey, it’s working again, yay!

  • anil

    I have Samsung corby i.e GT-S 3653. can I use vlingo on my phone

  • Rlphoto

    Not sure when yopu posted this but I just downloaded Vlingo today for use with my blueant Q2 and Droid X. Works awesome. It is unbelievabele what it can do. I have the 2.1 OS I believe.

  • Propfrwrd

    My Samsung Captivate will not recognize BT enabled voice dialing.  Any chance there will be a Vlingo fix?

  • Rebair64

    Update ?

  • Eddiefinn1

    HTC Desire Android 2.2 doesnt seem to run Vling!!!  Seems to be google voice  despite  vlingo set as preferred provider.
    The logo on keyboard is not Vlingo one.
    How do i get  vlingo to be default???

  • Racin_medic

    How do I get my Jabra easy call headset to work with Vlingo on the samsung infuse phone?