With the release of the HTC Freestyle, now available on AT&T, Vlingo is excited to offer the first voice-enabled Virtual Assistant built for the BrewMPTM operating system.

On the HTC Freestyle running BrewMPTM, which Qualcomm developed to bring many of the features traditionally reserved for more expensive smartphones to mass market devices, Vlingo has enabled much of the core functionality that its Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Nokia products have delivered to 8MM customers to date.

With Vlingo and the HTC Freestyle, users can simply speak to their phones in order to:

  • Send a text message
  • Search the web
  • Call a contact

The HTC Freestyle is available in AT&T Stores today.  Customers can use Vlingo free of charge during a 7-Day trial period.  Then they can voice-power their phone for only a $2.99 monthly charge.

  • Alanj Burke

    IIs there a.version of lingo for HTC thunder.?

  • Dan Seymour

    Why would there be a monthly charge for this?

  • 17938

    You should not be texting while driving period!

  • Abc

    this sucks ballls