Turn Your Words into Action With New Application Optimized for BlueAnt Product Line that Lets Consumers Multitask Effortlessly While On the Move

Love voice applications and Bluetooth headsets?  Well, we have got some great news for you!  Vlingo and BlueAnt Wireless have just made your life even easier!  Today we are excited to announce an extended partnership between Vlingo and BlueAnt Wireless!  We’ve elevated hands-free communications with a fully integrated free application that pairs Vlingo’s speech-enabled virtual assistant solution with BlueAnt’s hallmark voice-control technology and superior sound quality.

With the new BlueAnt Vlingo Application, you can speak into your favorite BlueAnt Bluetooth Headset or Speakerphone to initiate many actions on your smartphone, including sending and responding to texts and emails; conducting searches, making social networking updates and leaving reminder voice-to-text “notes2self” messages and more*. Unlike other voice solutions on the market, BlueAnt’s integrated application comes bundled in the box with all BlueAnt products for immediate and seamless operation.

Vlingo and BlueAnt will provide support for the following languages: North American English, UK English, Canadian French, French, Spanish, Mexican Spanish, German and Italian.

*Feature availability based on phone platform

When can users get the BlueAnt Vlingo Application…

The BlueAnt application powered by Vlingo will be available free of charge for all BlueAnt products and will be available on Android, iPhone and BlackBerrysmartphones in Q1 2011.

Beginning Q2 2011, the free BlueAnt application powered by Vlingo will also be available on Symbian-based smartphonesand additional functionality will be incorporated into the multiple smartphone platforms already available.

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  • Stayintwisted

    does this mean users with older blueant products?such as the Z9i?

  • http://www.facebook.com/Chell1470 Michelle Eslaire Davis

    When will it be available for HTC Tilt 2 on AT& T?

  • Amandalew84

    What about the T1 or Q2 for Android phones?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PEINGOXA66O6AUBUGSOZSWIARM Rockin Rose

    I just bought the newest BlueAnt headset. But the Vlingo app in the marketplace doesn’t work on my HTC EVO. Reboots the phone all the time. I was told it’s an HTC thing but I am hoping when your app comes out that it will work on my phone. I have a Blue Ant app on my phone now and it reads text in my ear. But I also use a choice dialer program since Vlingo doesn’t work on my phone but I love Vlingo.

  • Dlassiter

    Any idea when this new partnership app between Vlingo and Blue Ant will be available

  • D Beau63

    ok first Q has came and gone!! now where is my %^$# APP!
    I love using vlingo and my blueant, but the sumsung epic does not do a very good job
    on voice thru the headset. hoping this will be what I need

  • D Beau64

    Im starting to have second thoughts about vlingo, it there website they put up information
    and people have asked questions for 3 months and not one reply from them?

    • http://blog.vlingo.com TJ

      Our apologies for being slow to respond. We put it off in part to have something of more substance to offer you. I can’t say much more at the moment other than we’re working behind the scenes to bring you the first release from this partnership. The wait should be drawing to a close shortly. We appreciate everyone’s patience.

  • Billypaq66

    i have the htc thunderbolt and i just got my blueant q2. they work together very well! voice recognition is adequate to great. only thing i havent figured out is how to have the headset button go to vlingo or have some sort of voice command to get me to vlingo. now i have to use a widget. and FYI the q1 app on blueant’s website works on the q2

  • D Beau64

    You can stop looking here vlingo said thay ended ther partnership with blueant!

  • Blbrown43




  • Mike

    Well, let’s hope that Vlingo and Blueant can fix the problem of NOT being able to initiate a handsfree call without turning on the screen first. 

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S II and a Blueant Q2.  I CANNOT initiate a call from using the “Phone Commands” command on the Q2 when the phone screen is blank.  In fact, if I use the screen lockout phone feature, I still cannot get Vlingo to recognize the “Phone Commands” command. However, if I turn on the screen say, at the Galaxy’s home screen, it works great.  So, the only way to initiate a handsfree call is to handle the phone first!!  Not very helpful if one is driving!!