Vlingo provides cloud-based voice assisted services. Vlingo’s Virtual Assistant turns words into action by combining speech recognition, natural language processing and Vlingo’s Intent Engine to understand the user’s intent and take the appropriate action.  Users can simply speak to their phone in order to access both the phone’s native functions and access third-party partner content.

More than 9 million users worldwide use Vlingo’s Virtual Assistant to easily and safely connect with the people, businesses and information that are important to them.

Founded in 2006, Vlingo is based in Cambridge, Mass., and has 65 employees. Investors include AT&T, Charles River Ventures, Sigma Partners and Yahoo!. In 2011, Vlingo will be deploying the Vlingo Virtual Assistant across multiplatforms and devices, including tablets, PCs, TVs and autos.

For more information

Go to www.vlingo.com to learn more!  If you are interested in partnerships, please visit our Handset Makers, Carrier and Content Providers pages.  Or if you want to watch Vlingo in action, visit Vlingo’s YouTube channel.

If you have any other questions please contact Erin Keleher at erin@vlingo.com