Announcing the first annual Vlingo Arbor Day Sale!

Need a way to send text and emails while on your way to all those crazy Arbor Day parties? Well, we have a deal for you. For a limited time, we’re slashing the price of our premium iPhone features in half! Just head on over the iPhone App Store and download the free version of Vlingo then purchase Email & SMS as an In-App-Purchase for only $4.99 – that’s 50.01% off!

And don’t forget, Vlingo makes a perfect Arbor Day gift! Act now while supplies last!

Did you know how many trees are saved every year by people using Vlingo to text or email their loved ones instead of sending letters? Answer: a lot.

Hadley Harris, Vice President of Consumer Business, Vlingo

  • josh.hofer !!!

    I'm glad I held out buying those extra features! Thanks for putting this on sale 🙂

    I had a question before I buy: With OS 4.0 right around the corner and the new SMS API integrated, should we expect Vlingo to operate more like the Blackberry version in respect to sending SMS via voice, seamlessly?

  • hadley

    Hi Josh, yes, the plan is to take advantage of the OS 4.0 to help make the experience easier. Our vision is that you should be able to say anything and have Vlingo take the appropriate action without the need for extra clicks. OS 4.0 will help us move the iPhone product in that direction.

  • josh.hofer !!!

    I'm super excited to gain that functionality! Thanks for the reply.

  • Jay V

    I have been avoiding the SMS feature because it is too dangerous to perform a copy/paste whilst driving. But now that it's Arbor Day, and what better reason than it's half-off! Plus, Hadley's remark that we will be able to directly send SMS messages without tapping a bunch of times on the screen. Whilst driving.