In 1998 I bought my first cell phone, it was a Samsung candy bar shaped device that was about 1 inch thick, weighed 2 lbs and boasted the latest in retractable antenna technology.  One of its features was an address book that could hold hundreds of contacts of people or business I might want to call.  Today I’m lucky enough to have an HTC Evo, iPhone and BlackBerry Tour (one of the perks of working at a mobile company).  What’s funny is that the address book on these devices has pretty much the exact same functionality as my first phone.  Over the last 12 years there has been almost no innovation in this area — today at Vlingo we think we’ve changed that.

Old Man with Old Phone

We’re pleased to announce new functionality for Vlingo, which we’re calling SuperDialer that allows you to simply speak to instantaneously call an infinite address book, in addition to unlocking reviews, maps and directions for any business.  Think of it as having the entire Yellow Pages in your contact list.

For example, simply say:

“Call Joe’s Stone Crab in Miami Beach”, to make a dinner reservation…

“Call taxi”, to get a safe ride home from wherever you are….

or “Call Lindsey” to let your girlfriend know you’re running late…Vlingo’s intelligence will figure out whether you want to be connected with a contact in your phone or whether to access our infinite address book in the cloud.

SuperDialer is available immediately for Android and will be rolling out across the other platforms before too long.  You can get it or update your current version by simply searching for Vlingo on the Android Market.

Here’s a video if you want to check it out in action:



VP of Marketing