It’s the gift giving time of year!  That said, we want to present our Android users with a gift – more functionality!  What’s the gift? Well, we are excited to announce that today we have significantly expanded the actions you can do while on the go by introducing a new beta feature called the “ActionBar,” and integrating with the content and capabilities of KAYAK, Fandango and OpenTable.

What is the new “ActionBar”?

Vlingo’s ActionBar enables Android users to type or speak commands to do all of the things they would normally do with Vlingo. Vlingo brings the same adaptation and predictive intelligence used for voice recognition to typed commands with the ActionBar, allowing users to initiate actions when it’s not as convenient speak to their phones – like on a noisy bus or quiet conference room.

Type or Speak to Book Travel, Buy Movie Tickets, Make Dinner Reservations and More

Today’s release also gives Vlingo’s Android users the ability to find available hotels in any US city with KAYAK, search and buy movie tickets with Fandango and even make dinner reservations through a seamless integration with Open Table.   Simply say:

  • “Hotels in Seattle for tomorrow night “
  • “Where is Harry Potter playing next Friday?”
  • “Find Italian restaurants nearby”
  • “Where can I get a burrito?”

What Do Execs at Vlingo & Kayak have to say?

“Vlingo’s mission is to understand the user’s intent and take the appropriate action to help our users quickly, easily and safely connect to the people, businesses and information that are important to them. We are extremely pleased to be working with KAYAK, Fandango and Open Table to give users an easy-to-use interface to make travel plans, find and buy movie tickets and make dinner reservations,” said Christopher Barnett, EVP of Markets at Vlingo. “And with the addition of ActionBar, users can now type or speak those commands or requests by using the widget or from the Vlingo home screen.”

“We are thrilled to integrate KAYAK’s comparison travel tools with Vlingo’s Virtual Assistant,” said Jackie LoVerme, Director Business Development- Mobile for KAYAK. “It is a natural fit, as it creates an industry-leading technology partnership which allows KAYAK’s customers to make and manage travel plans faster and more efficiently when they are on the go.”

We want to CELEBRATE this release!

Visit Vlingo’s Facebook page at for a chance to win $700 in prizes.