Here at Vlingo we’re constantly working to push the boundaries of what people can do with their mobile device.  We’re the world’s leading provider of intelligent voice applications that turn your words into action…but maintaining that distinction will not be easy.  Some of the biggest and baddest tech companies are pouring tons of money into this space in an attempt to catch up.

So the question is how can we expect to stay ahead of the giants that are on our tail?  Well, we need to continue to out innovate them.  To put it bluntly, we’re working on a lot of crazy s*** for 2011!  Excuse my French. Of course unless you prefer it. In that case, check out our French-language beta on BlackBerry.

To show everyone what to expect in 2011, we’ve put together this video showcasing a bunch of stuff we have in the pipeline.  Some of this Vlingo already does, some is coming really soon, while some will take a little longer, but it’s all coming.

We’d love to know what functionality from this video you’d most like to see next.   Or maybe you have some even better ideas.  Either way, please tell us in the comments below.



  • terry

    Please add ability to manage tasks. from Astrid

  • rod

    Would love to have Vlingo open HTC Sense and third party apps, not only some Android “core” apps. Also choosing default apps for certain functions wouldn’t hurt. Other than that, I CAN’T WAIT to see Vlingo ’11!

  • dmobile

    I can’t wait for all of this!!!!!

  • tiffany

    I love Vlingo!

  • Shelly Middleton

    I especially liked the part about telling Vlingo to find a grocery store on the way to destination and adding it in to directions. Incorporating Vlingo into GPS apps would be great!

    • Rent A Car

      Yes, of course..

  • Lindy

    Wow! Vlingo is awesome and apparently about to get a whole lot better.

    Thank you VLINGO

  • Hadley Harris

    Great feedback everyone! Thanks you, keep it coming!

    • rent a car


  • Pedro

    Vlingo into GPS definitely great. To make it fully hands free can’t InCar be running in the background recognizing my commands, like, switch to calling from GPS or posting a text while my GPS app is running? It seems I have to manually switch to InCar to be able to use hands free which kind of defeats the purpose.

  • Denise Ollman

    I like that idea of adding task to Vlingo, but how about calendar functionality as well?

  • Jordan

    I love Vlingo In Car, but I finally uninstalled it because it was impossible to get it to properly transcribe many texts, no matter how many times I tried and how clearly I spoke. These new features look great, but I hope you’re continuing to work on the voice recognition. I would love to try it again in the future.

  • Sounddaddy

    Does Vlingo or Vlingo Plus support BOTH (Outgoing) Speech-to-Text and (Incoming) Text-to-Speech SMS.

    Outgoing works pretty good. However, Incoming (Text-to-Speech) not at all. Please help?

    Phone is use: Nokia 5230

    • TJ

      Hey there. The Incoming (text-to-speech) is part of our SafeReader product. Unfortunately, that is not available right now for our Nokia customers. I can say that 2011 is going to be a GREAT year for our Nokia product. So stay tuned! Thanks for the note.

    • Rent A Car

      I Like..:)

  • Jerseytoddshow

    sigh, why do I think that I’m going to be the old parents opening the door rather than the hip kids going to a concert? BTW, is that Judy Jetson?

  • Todd

    Looks brilliant. How do I communicate with Technical Support?

  • Tbc

    For the love of god, please enable “New Paragraph” command. Email is perfect with, and useless without it. I’m having to use Dragon dictation. which has a different shortcoming.

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  • Lindabyars

    I have Vlingo Plus but it won’t synchronize with the wrieless in my car. Can anyone help?

  • Lmaloneorama

    any luck on how to have the convenience key ability on the touch screen now that i have my torch?

  • Don Gianola

    In my estimation Vlingo is by far the best voice application on the market. It is so good that I bought it for the BlackBerry platform (twice) and I had no issue to purchase it when I got an android phone a few months back. Since the latest version now works over an A2DP compliant Bluetooth headphone there is absolutely no reason not to use it. Word recognition is extremely accurate. I can almost completely compose a lengthy email using just Vlingo.
    My wish list for Vlingo would be for the application to be able to read exchange mail. This feature would make it even more powerful for business users. Exchange mail voice and the ability to open native apps with voice are the features that I liked the most from windows mobile. Additionally if the keyboard could be changed to possibly include a “Sure Type” style keyboard like the BlackBerry Storm. That is one feature that they got right on that phone.
    Thanks for a fantastic product and keep the features rolling.

  • Metrowest Coach

    What about adding BlackBerry Messenger for the Text-to-Speech feature?

  • Rberger

    I know you have probably heard this before, but you really need to support business Microsoft Exchange EMAIL. It is not really a POP or IMAP EMAIL which are the only choices you have for “other” in setup for EMAIL.

  • Jco

    Vlingo runs on Symbian^ 3 devices? such as the Nokia n8?

  • bob

    I have vlingo on the galaxy s2 and i love this software but having to physically activate the app before being able to use voice commands is a pain. if it could be run in the background that would be great, also if it could be voice activated when the phone is on standby. basically can you make it so i never have to touch my phone again please 🙂 thank you in advance as i am in no doubt that you will be able to meet these demands. keep up the good work (by the way your software has now made even writing this short post with a keyboard, a chore) 

  • Tess

    Apps like Whatsapp are getting more and more popular. It would be great to be able to send a Whatsapp message using Vlingo, the same way you can send a text message.
    Some others mentioned it already, being able to organize the calendar and create new events would be great!

    • Dean_argi

      Yes I too would love it if Vlingo could send messages though my WhatsApp! Most of my friends that I talk to use WhatsApp, I barely use the standard text messaging client any more. 
      Please make a function for WhatsApp Vlingo! 

    • Rhysoid

      Forget whatsapp, jaxtrsms is so much bettter, please make vlingo capable of sending messages in jaxtrsms

  • Chiraagsuchak

    Chiraag Suchak – Add WhatsApp integration, calendar integration, weather integration, calculator integration. 

  • Suchapimp36

    I wanna see the tv one fast quick and in a hurry. And the translation from one laungage to another is gonna be awesome

  • Angelazoeheaton

    It should be compatible with Whatsapp that would be amazing. Also maybe to have it already set up on the iphone front screen instead of having to keep opening the app up. Found a little limited as to uses.

  • Lee

    Maybe if you can add a command feature that can search files in our phone? Such as music or documents. E.g: “Listening to Katy Perry” or “Open pdf file”
    Also some of other similar software can even do settings change by voice so you can turn on bluetooth or wifi just by saying the command. If maybe Vlingo can also consider to add this as well, that’ll be brilliant.

    Android 2.2

  • Opalmom

    I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong — how do I get Vlingo InCar to stay on while I’m driving?  I have an original Droid, which I’m nursing along until the Galaxy Nexus comes out.  Although the Droid is running version 2.2.2 of the Android software, it still doesn’t support true hands free voice dialing on my Bluetooth.  I’ve been working around this by using a Blueant Q2 headset, combined with Vlingo.  BUT, I can only get Vlingo to place a hands free call only once at a time.  Once I end the call, I can’t just ask Vlingo to place another call — I have to go back and turn Vlingo on once again, which (as you can imagine) really doesn’t work well while I’m driving.  I’ve tried everything I can think of — I’ve set going to Vlingo InCar as the default action on my phone for trying to place hands free calls, I’ve checked the settings on Vlingo to turn it on automatically whenever a Bluetooth is connected with my phone and to have Vlingo always listening in my car once I turn it on, and I’ve tried to always start Vlingo InCar up as soon as I start up the car.  Nothing helps — Vlingo InCar allows me to place one hands free call, and then closes.  So — what am I doing wrong?  What should I be doing differently?  Thanks for any help/insights!

  • Timames

    I would like to know which features of Vlingo work without a data or online connection. I understand that perhaps sending messages need it, but I can’t get Notes to myself to work without a data connection-this happened in an underground parking area.  So- what can I say and have done without any connections?

  • Barbara

    Vlingo InCar is not prompting me to confirm calls, to ensure that it has recognized my intended call properly. Then, if it dials the wrong contact, I seem to not be able to cancel the call until the “End Call” button appears after it’s ringing and I have to look at the phone and touch it. I need a voice command way of confirming that Vlingo has gotten my command correct before it makes the call and also a verbal way of cancelling a call. Is this possible in the existing current version?

  • Timames

    Great questions here- how do we get answers from Vlingo?

  • Kevin

    What about creating appointments in my calendar? This is the Number One thing that I would want to use VLingo for, and I can’t believe this app has been out there for YEARS, and STILL hasn’t done it!

  • Rap-home

    Does Vlingo work with Microsoft Exchange contacts on an android phone?

  • Joey

    Give vlingo a sense of humor and personality

  • james Delaney

    Is vlingo still updating? most of this stuff hasn’t come true that I know of. Also, what I would LOVE is the ability to program your own commands. This would be HUGE. Even if it is difficult at first, it would allow users to customize their phones/devices to the extreme. The feature that I love the most about vlingo is its car mode. Also, I wish that it would tell you what app isnt installed that it needs. For instance, when I tell it to “set alarm” it says “application not installed.” Again though, this could be solved if the user could create an action for that command.